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Books on Enzo Ferrari

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It' beginning to look a lo

It' beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Like most of us I have the requisit number of Ferrari books but none on the life of Enzo Ferrari himself.

I am going to ask my wife and inlaws to spruce up my library this Christmas. I know one of the books I want (I think) is Memoirs of Enzo Ferrari's Lieutenant.

Anybody have any recommendations.
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That's one I've recent

That's one I've recently ordered from Cavallino.

Piloti, Che gente by Enzo himself is a good recollection of his famous drivers. Several Editions out.

Brock Yates' bio got mixed reviews, at time of publication.

I'll check my shelf at home, there are a couple of other good ones out there.
"The Man and His Machines&

"The Man and His Machines" is one of my favorites.

Best, JRV
Thanks, I have Piloti and The

Thanks, I have Piloti and The Man and His Machines. I pretty sure there are a couple of other biographical books on Enzo out there. I'll add the Brock Yates book to my list.

As Jay Leno says if you have a Ferrari you have to have all the books that go along with it.

Thanks guys, any others?

Enzo Ferrari, The Man, the ca

Enzo Ferrari, The Man, the cars, the races.

By Brock Yates

A must have if you want a truely unbiased, objective biography of Enzo. Yates doesnt pull punches and isnt snowed under by the mystic carefully put together by Enzo himself. Enzo was an extremely vain man. He worked all his life toward projecting an image and manipulating others into accepting this image. Yates looks beyond that. Its a great read.

Personally, I think Enzo comes across as a much more interesting person when presented with warts and all.
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