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Borrow A Supercar From Ex-F1 C

Borrow A Supercar From Ex-F1 Champ Damon Hill - 09 December 2003

Instead of buying a supercar, like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, why not ask 1996 Formula One world champion Damon Hill if you can borrow one of his?

The Englishman runs a sports car-sharing club, P1, for those with horsepower, but not megabucks - only about $20,000 a year - on their minds.

'I realised [P1] offered a way round the moral, social and practical dilemmas that accompany a certain level of income,' he told the Motoring Telegraph.

Hill, who hung up his London Rowing Club-coloured helmet in 1999, said there are hundreds of Ferraris sitting under dust-sheets all over the world.

'They are the dream victims,' he said. 'But why go without a supercar if you want one and can afford it?'

Hill's solution was to provide a pool of cars for rev-heads to get behind the wheel of when and if they have the desire 'and the time' to do so.

He said of his scheme: 'You can be flash and yet frugal, fulfilled but not burdened, smart but not smart-arsed.

'It also adds 20 years to your driving experience!'

The 43-year-old says his club members shouldn't feel any less prosperous than those who can afford to splash out their own Jaguars, Ferraris and Alfas.

After all, the former F1 ace - unlike the Schumacher brothers, for example - doesn't own a single car that he raced in Formula One.

'All I have are some wonderful memories of my experiences behind the wheel of some of the most amazing cars ever built. That's all I ever wanted.'

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I've heard of other exotic

I've heard of other exotic car sharing clubs in the past. In theory it sounds like a good idea. But to me it seems like a hugh waste of money. I don't know the details of this club but other clubs and 'partial ownership' outfits I've looked at are aprox 20k-25k a year in dues plus an initial buy-in. For that you get the car of your choice for about a month or two a year. Big deal! The dues alone is enough to make your payments on just about any car that you then get to keep. Granted you will be responsible for your own maintenance and insurance costs but I still think your better off.

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This stuff is big over in the

This stuff is big over in the UK. A friend of mine tried it and opted for leasing his next car. The one he did was with classic cars though. He got to drive around an Aston Martin DB5 and an Autin Healy Mk3.

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