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Britney Spears Has Federline&#

Britney Spears Has Federline's Ferrari Towed Back To Dealer
by Mitch Marconi
Dec 6, 2005

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's marriage is in deep trouble and there may not be any coming back after Brit had K-Fed's Ferrari towed away from the couple's Malibu, California, home.
Publicists for the couple refused to comment about the incident, which reportedly took place while the couple were in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to Contact Music.

The high priced Italian sports car was allegedly sent back to the dealership where Federline had purchased it.

New mom Britney wasn't spotted out and about in Sin City but her husband was seen partying with friends on Friday and Saturday night.

The pop-tart allegedly met with her legal team after becoming fed-up with her husband. The couple has separated, at least for the moment, and K-Fed has moved into the Beverly Hills Hotel, according to published reports.

The pop tart reportedly went crazy when Kevin brought marijuana in the house with baby Sean Preston.

"Britney turned around and fired two of her longtime security guards for letting what she called 'the weedman' into the house," a source tells Star magazine. "She just seemed crazy with anger."

According to, a very well-placed source exclusively dishes that Spears and Federline got into a heated exchange in their Malibu mansion and Britney kicked the stoner to the curb. notes that Kevin was witnessed leaving the house in the early A.M. hours by himself.

Last week, it was revealed that the sexy star turned to a psychic to save her ailing marriage.

Spears initially begged her husband to see a therapist, but the former dancer refused, allegedly saying: 'That's for crazy people. If you want to see a shrink, go by yourself,' according to published reports

After Kevin's recent outburst, Britney reportedly contacted the medium to ask what the future holds for the troubled couple.

-- Compiled from wire reports

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Man, that's like watching

Man, that's like watching a train wreck in slow motion!!!!

Let's see.....he LEFT his previous gf after having two kids with her.....dunno WHY the Britster wouldn't feel he'd be EXCELLENT father material......

Last I heard, he said:

"Baby, if your gonna cut me off, can I at least keep the CAR????"

Man, 30 minutes of begging does NOT constitute 'foreplay'!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!! ;)

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She's gonna end up in a tr

She's gonna end up in a trailer park in North Lousiana, with more chins than a Chinese phone book.........LOL!

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I recall about a year ago, rea

I recall about a year ago, reading about Spears, herself, test driving an exotic on the 405 freeway, lost control of it and smashed into something.

I can just imagine it:
"Nice" dealer (that wants to be able to add her's to the name dropping they do about the cars they've sold "to the stars") declines to raise a stink because it's La La Land and besides, "It's insured".
And then along comes bubble butt's hubby, who "purchases" a Ferrari with nothing down (because he's now Mr. Pop Tart and she's worth millions)... and now (like their marriage) that car is in the back lot (with ash holes from dropped joints burned into the leather, an observation based on published reports of his reported drug use).

No problem!
"Britney's old car" will sell to some rich kid from Newport who wants to be able to brag to his homies that "She sat right there in that seat...Smell the leather!"

And it's just another
"Nothing Means Nothing, Have a Nice Day" in Malibu, where I used to rent from Jennifer Stefanie Powers (I get em all confused).

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SHE made the news in the car a

SHE made the news in the car again!

It broke down, causing a paparazzi traffic stretched for miles! SOMEBODY read the Owner's Manual....for Pete's sake!


"Fame is fleeting but obscurity last forever!"

I was recognized the other night downtown...big gallery opening shindig, but instead of Mr. Ferrari Driver, it was.....

"Nah, it's my night off. I'm with the band......"

I did get a good plate of Texas BBQ, though...;)
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