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I'm getting ready to make

I'm getting ready to make the jump and buy my first Ferrari. I really like Dino GT4s and hear they make great entry level Ferraris. Are there any major issues I should watch for with this model? I am aware belt service is imperative and that cars built earlier in the 70s are preferrable. Any advice would be welcomed.

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Try '75 308 GT4 (Peter

Try '75 308 GT4 (Peter). He shows up on numerous Ferrari sites as well as Hans Hansen. Peter does his own work and research and I think won't mind sharing with you information about the much loved and maligned GT4.
Good luck, DJ

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>> and hear they make

>> and hear they make great entry level Ferraris. <<

Well they tend to sell cheap by Ferrari standards...but that's not always a blessing. There are some really trashed Dinos around because to put one in nice shape can exceed the resale value of the renewed car.

>>Are there any major issues I should watch for with this model?<,

Well there certianly can be issues on poorly maintained cars. Engine work isn't cheap, many need suspension renewals, and redoing a leather interior is very expensived . Paint jobs are the easisest and cheapest issue to deal with imo. My advice is to find a car in very decent mechanical condition with nice acceptable interior that needs paint or body work.

Usually people look for "pigs with lipstick on" pretty paint, poor mechanicals...they forget that an ugly paint job won't leave them stranded on the side of the road & paint & body work requires laborers on the lowest rung of the skill ladder.

If you have specific questions feel free to ask.

There are exceptions as noted by many of the very skilled guys that post here, but generally home maintained Ferraris can have many unknown/unaddressed issues. I will saythat most Dino 308GT4 owners are very, very loyal and tend to keep the cars 10-15 yrs or longer. I've owned a couple myself, the last one a 79 sunroof car and loved every minute of it.

Regards, JRV
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