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I heard that the optima car ba

I heard that the optima car batterys are the best! Does anyone know of a better battery?

The key to OPTIMA's significantly greater performance is its unique dual plate spiral-cell design. This revolutionary design results in a sealed battery that has extremely low internal resistance and which produces high cranking amperage and very fast recharging characteristics.

OPTIMA delivers high current at Arctic as well as tropical temperatures. The OPTIMA delivers no less than 800 AMPS at 0 degrees F and as much as 1,100 AMPS at warmer temperatures! In addition, Optima will absorb nearly 100% of the recharge current from alternators and battery chargers.

At DC Battery Specialists, we found that the Optima will consistently deliver 1,100 cranking amps for 25 to 30 seconds. At only 38 pounds this is comparable to batteries 4 times its size and weight. In addition, we are able to recharge this battery faster than any we have tested.


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Along with that cool look and

Along with that cool look and no watering comes compromise. A conventional wet battery will out perform them. The buzz is marketing BS.

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I have tried vi


I have tried virtually every battery under the Sun in my BB, which has been used occassionally at best, over the last 20+ years of ownership.

All of the other batteries have become unserviceable (dead!) after just a year or two of ownership. No amount of charge has been able to bring them back to life. The Optima is the only battery that has lasted (now going on the 4th year of service)...

If a wet-style battery will outperform the Optima, I've yet to see that.

Just my observations....


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1997 Ford f150 truck battery f

1997 Ford f150 truck battery from Ford was Charged every 6 months and a 2 AMP charger with Auto off. The Battery lasted 7.5 years.
I bought a jell battery from SAM's $99.00, looks just like the Optima, if it does not get charged in a month or the car not run, the battery is dead.
But charges is up quickly.
my 2 cents.


PS My truck now has 247,000 miles, same engine and tranny. I tow may car to track with it all the time.

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It's hard to find any bran

It's hard to find any brand that hasn;t had the occaisonal production problems.

I think tenders are the answer for a lightly used vehicle.....

NAPA #6026, for a 1977 308GTB, lead acid.

They DID scratch their heads when I handed one back that was seven months old.....deep discharge did it....

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Nice battery. I have the Opti

Nice battery. I have the Optima 34/78 in my 1976 308 GTB for about three years now. I drive my car regularly year-round so I can't comment about discharging. The hold-down clamp just engages the battery's base lip for adequate retention. The center spiral cell interferes a bit.

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I live overseas and drive my c

I live overseas and drive my cars twice a year for a 3 week holiday home. Use a battery tender on all three vehicles, one a Ferrari C4. One is an Optima, one is an interstate, and one is a Die Hard. All have three+ years going without a problem.The cars are in Southern Calif so maybe the climate has some impact. My 2 cents.

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Something that has me scratchi

Something that has me scratching my head as I never had an Interstate battery this long:

My 1976 308 GTB never had a tender on the battery this year (the battery is 3 years old) and the car started just fine after up to 6 weeks without being started this winter....still can't beleive it....battery was not even disconnected and clock was running...!?

I still want to get an Optima when the time has come for a new one, as the dry-cell package is appealing....

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