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These are the first production

These are the first production parts we have produced for the TR and we are looking for feedback regarding these parts. After much work these production parts are available and ready for sale. Since the dimensional tolerances of the original Ferrari parts were lacking by today’s standards. We started with a clean slate. A plug for the part was created with a “solid works model” and then machined from tooling composite on a five axis machine. Tools were then pulled from the dimensionally accurate part from which the carbon fiber parts are created using a vacuum oven process. The final parts are very light and extremely strong. This same process is used by the aerospace industry to make structural components. We also have chosen to use automotive glass that is water cut with the black edge, similar to the original glass on the car, that is manufactured and installed by an OEM supplier for GM and Chrysler. The end result is a beautiful part that is lightweight and strong that enhances the styling of the TR and shows the beautiful Ferrari 12 cylinder engine.
We are also offering a carbon fiber heat shield cover that is a cosmetic piece intended to go between the air intake and the exhaust heat shield.
Both parts are strictly bolt-on with no modifications required.

Price for the Carbon Fiber Engine Cover= $1,800.
Price for the Carbon Fiber exhaust shield cover= $150
Depending on how well these are recieved we plan to offer additional items.

John Fiore
(918) 331-5174
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