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JRV: What is your impression

JRV: What is your impression of carbon/carbon clutches. I am in the process of deciding what clutch I should use on my 83 Boxer.

I don't track the car, but do drive it aggerssively, at times.......redlining through the gears.


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Let me plagurize a


Let me plagurize a post from Fchat...

Did you call Bill @ GT Car Parts for a clucth quote?

I think the carbon stuff is fantastic...but it's not really for the street imo. At least not the clutches on the market so far, to chattery and grabby imo. I think in a few more years as the overall aftermarket grows some streetable CF clutches will come along that are competeively priced. If I was reading the F40 post correctly on FC those Titlton Clutches are $5K...hefty bucks for a clutch imo.

How many clutch sources have you tried for a reline?

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JRV: Yes, i saw your post....

JRV: Yes, i saw your post......I thought you weren't there anymore.

I have tried a couple of well known sources, but their prices where what the dealer wanted, or slightly real deals.

In the past I always bought from the dealer. Now I am experimenting with new sources.

I called a major re-lining place in Canada......found on the internet.....and they stated that they can re-line clutches, but NOT for a Ferrari.....something about them being "special".....go figure. I don't have definite sources......only what I can find on the internet.

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Interesting findings: When ta

Interesting findings: When talking to technical people, who seem to know their stuff, NO ONE is recommending relining the old discs.....not a good idea, due to previous stresses, and possible warpage. I now agree.

Centerforce will do a high performance upgrade, but I would have to send them a NEW clutch package, with flywheel. It would cost between $550-600. They where honest, and stated that, unless I track the car, I don't need this. They recommended just a new stock clutch, for my needs.

Still waiting to hear from Tilton, about the suggestion of softening the clutch bite on carbon discs.

Therefore, My options are:
1): Go with the stock clutch....waiting to here from GT Car Parts.
2): Splurge on the fancy carbon clutch, and have fun with quicker revving, and about 20 HP more. This second option is obviously a pure toy to have. BTW: The price is around $5,000. It is my understanding that this would include a custom lightweight flywhee.....quicker revs, and 20HP more, according to their first contact.

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I have talked to several peopl

I have talked to several people who had on/off clutches in their cars. My impression is that the carbon clutch is fine, as long as you don't get caught in ANY congested traffic, in other words.......track only!!!!!!!

Based on this, and what JRV stated, above, I think I will just go with the stock clutch........will wait a few years, for the next clutch replacement, and check with JRV again.

In a response from Tilton they stated about $5,000 (only an estimate), then say ".......compared to the cost of a stock Ferrari setup, the cost is not that much". With a stock Ferari clutch around $2000, where are these guys coming from?
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