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Checking State of Tune for Fun

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CO & HC Readings for Fun

CO & HC Readings for Fun ViewThread

Have You Checked you Ferrari's CO & HC's Lately? Many don't realize that CO & HC readings aren't just for Smog Checks anymore. In fact, one of the keys to a well running and long lasting engine is "State of Tune". Excessive unburnt fuel in the cylinders is a "Major Source of uneccesary wear" on the Top End of an engine and contributes to rapid contamination of the engines oil. And we all know that's not a good thing. An added benifit to "proper state of tune" is increased gas mileage, better starting, longer lasting plugs and catalytic converters. Now that the 21st Century has arrived the days of Tuning Engines the old fashioned way "by guess or by golly" is truly a thing of the past, as it well should be. Today all quality shops have the Modern Equipment neccesary to check CO & HC readings in a few minutes to determine the quality of the stateof tune and can make adjustments or take corrective actions as neccesary. With this ease of testing it's no longer neccesary to subject your Ferrari Engine to the torture of a poor state of tune. Tips to make your driving more fun and afordable!
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