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Once or twice in your Ferrari-

Once or twice in your Ferrari-lifetime, you must wonder why the OEM scuderia shields are so expensive (more than $850.00 ea.) sold by Ferrari delaers. As alternate, Ferrari has the shields in plain sticker and 3D resin sticker, which are not even close to the look and feel of the metal shields w/ closoinne finish. Some people attempted to sell so-called "replica" or "after-market" shields. But then again, even from a distance, it is noticeable that they are not the OEM shields due to the difference in size, design and colors.

What I am about to introduce here is different. Even looking at the shields (both OEM and my shields placed side by side) at close-up (w/ maginifying glass), you will not be able to tell the difference. The reason I refer it as "99%" clone is that I have decided to make an improvement to the shields by making its thickness 1/2 compared to that of the OEM shields. Why? Most of the Ferrari owners do not wish to make three mounting holes and a recess to a fender to mount (bury) the shield. They would rather have a simple attachment with a dual-sided tape in the back. BUT, I can tell you that ALL shields regardless of OEM or replicas have the thickness of 3mm or more. If you mount them to your fenders, they will STICK OUT and will not give a natural look. That is why I made such thickness change. Moreover, they are so light-weight (75g), which is equivalent to 2.4oz each. So, you do not need to worry about driving your Ferrari at 200mph+ thinking they may come off. They come with the 3M super-strength adhesive tape.

As for the price, a pair of the shields is priced at $350.00, which is 1/5 of the OEM shields. But, as an introductory price, I am offering $100.00 discount for the pair. This special offering will be available from 9/1/04 thru 9/30/04 on my website (below)

If you are interested, please access to my website at
The website still reflects the unit price of $350.00 and therefore please DO NOT PLACE ORDER on website. You can contact me directly for purchase between now and 8/31/04.

Please be noted that the shields to match 308, 328, 348 and F355 will be available in less than two weeks. Currently, the shields are available for 360 Modena. My apologies.

Here I post some of the pictures of my shields so that you know what I am talking about.

Thank you very much for your attention!
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