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Gather round kiddies for MORE


I was nearly killed yesterday, westbound I-80, coming back to Laramie from the dentist in Cheyenne.
I'd just passed an OVERSIZED VEHICLE escort, a Dodge Magnum, off to the side of the road.
After I passed him, I watched him come back onto the highway... fast!
Him and the pickup behind me seemed to be side-by-side (warning! Macho behavior!)
They were about a half mile behind me.

I had just positioned my Pontiac van in the left lane and was about to pass a semi (with the pickup right behind me, now obviously going side-by side in a race with the this OVERSIZED VEHICLE Magnum, next to him in the right lane).

Then I saw the Dodge Ram Magnum &#&#&#^ gun his engine in the right lane! I saw the front end of his truck come up, showing me that his transmission had downshifted. He'd given up on the pickup behind me and was now going to f____ BOTH of us!

I was now only two car lengths from the semi!
And sure enough, this macho f___ comes up beside me at 90mph and just jams his two ton truck into the left lane, right in front of me! You could not have threaded two vehicles on my driveway any tighter than this f__ did- at 80-90mph- between me and that semi!

If I'd hit my brakes then, with my steering turned left to avoid him, my van's back end would have come around to the right and I'd have either gone into the median to the left and rolled... or lost control as a suspension harmonic was induced in my car. And then I'd probably have had the pickup behind me hit me.

NEVER let an AH like this be right in front of you at 80mph - less than a car length away- because:
Not only is he controlling my safety and energy vector....
But you know what an AH like this ALWAYS does next:

So, I didn't even think about it.
I've been dead twice already (Burma and Ft Collins hospital).
It's a nice state of consciousness.

Within a QUARTER second of him lunging half way into my lane... and knowing his angle prevented any rear view mirror from showing me to him... I accelerated around him on the left shoulder with my left wheels inches from the dirt. And I passed him as he let off on the accelerator, unsure of where I was. And I passed him and came back RIGHT into the middle of the left lane, just a yard from his front bumper!

I accelerated to suck him in to my draft... and then I hit my brake pedal, just hard enough to get my brake lights to come on.

I wanted to f___ him psychologically, while keeping my energy up so I could make my planned get-away (to a point up the highway where, if he came after me in road rage, I'd be off the side of the road, moving with just enough forward momentum to steer clear of his possibly ramming me in a suicide rage.) I'd have two witnesses then: The semi and the pickup.

When I hit my brake pedal... that's the only time I looked into the mirror at him, to see if he was going to ram me.
It was beautiful! His sick psychology told him that I was just like him (but in fact, I wasn't slowing more than 3ft per second) and he panicked and SLAMMED on his brakes, thinking I was about to f___ him!
He fell for it like a fool and started over-correcting, as a God-given suspension harmonic started to take control of his 4,000 lb truck.

He was trapped!
And he was f____ed!
Occillating back and forth in the left lane (just as I would have been if I'd hit my brakes) over-correcting and swerving back and forth with that suspension harmonic setting him up-- back and forth and back and forth-- with nowhere to go but into the side of the semi's trailer to the right ...or off the road and into the median to the left.

I didn't watch it.
What's in your mirror doesn't matter. What's on the road ahead is all that matters!
In fact, all I saw for that moment I looked in my mirror was.... the top of his truck cab, going back and forth.
That's when I knew I had him....and still had enough speed to get away from him and get down the road to where the semi wouldn't be a safety factor as I pulled off the side and got ready for a hand-to-hand combat mode- unless he had a gun..

I accelerated away from the front of the semi at 85-90mph, keeping my eyes on the road ahead. The highway was curving to the right and I sped away. And then, I looked up and ....nothing!


The semi was there, but the AH in the Magnum didn't come out behind me!
Then.... the pickup that had been behind me came around the semi!

But the Death Avatar from the inter-dimension, sent to kill me so I wont complete my novel...
It was....nowhere to be seen!

Normal explanation:
The sick mother f____ AH was SO shaken up by my nearly killing HIM (and I would have killed him later with kaba dake to the throat or a heel kick to the bridge of his nose and eyes)... that he gave up!
And he fell back completely (possibly also knowing that I'd get his plate number and, with his probable driving record, he didn't want to meet up with me again).

What happened?
I think when the AH cut me off, diving into the left lane... that the pickup behind me bailed to the right lane for safety (I sure as f__ would have...all the way to the right shoulder to avoid the semi also!).
And then, when the Magnum went into harmonics and fell back with a complete loss of energy....the Magnum's AH driver simply recovered, slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road to consider the merits of his testosterone-poisoned life.

That's when the pickup that had always been behind me passed him on the right and the semi on the left.

I'll bet that the Magnum probably stayed put, to make sure I wasn't now backing up to get his plate # or to kill him with a gun.
Then, seeing that he was clear... he illegally crossed the median to get into the eastbound side of I-80 and crept back to Cheyenne to find a motel or some place else to go (like someone's house if he didn't live in Cheyenne anyway).

Minutes later, the pickup behind me passed me, shaking his head.
And HE didn't even have a license plate!


I got up to Buford on the Summit and called 911 from the convenience store, always looking for this Magnum- but he never came! I din't have a plate or a company name on the Dodge Magnum. So, as the WHP and Cheyenne Police looked for him all night (I even called Cheyenne Police at 2am to say "Look in motels as you're making your post-bar rounds and call the plate # into the WHP if you see him"...nothing! I even called the Utah Port of Entry, so they could look for the only oversized vehicles that might have been using him (a couple flat beds with CAT tractors on them) so they could ask who was escorting them near Cheyenne.

Nothing! This guy/thing/Avatar evaporated!
And nobody can figure out why "he" would've been parked on the side of I-80 in the first place... with no Oversized vehicles in sight -except for the CAT haulers which were way ahead.

Like I said, it was a death avatar from the inter-dimension.
The ID is a membrane of stagnant consciousness (it only knows itself). And it separates our four -dimensions from the singularity of consciousness that gave birth to our Universe and all the other Universes which, themselves, are separated from ours by other ID membranes.

I'd seen avatars like this before, once, out at Pat McGuire's UFO ranch. Those things looked like antique cars, driving one after another in the middle of the night... from Wheatland to Laramie?.
That was the best acid trip of my life. Thanks again Tim and Barbara Leary! Moments after the "cars" passed on the highway, the clouds over McGiuire's water well opened up like the iris of a camera...and the dark, round "UFO" shape in the clouds became the clear night sky of Wyoming...with stars so clear, they didn't twinkle!
That's when my friend Kenny's face became that of an indian spirit, a buffalo. And he looked at me and saw the spirit of the eagle. Then off to the west of McGuire's ranch...blink blink blink...landing lights on a runway...pointing right to the well.
Doc of Bosler's landing strip for drug planes? Then those lights were also gone... and the night went back to normal... again in four dimensions.
UFO's are inter-dimensional transport mediums of consciousness. We "see" them as "objects" because our brains evolved in the four dimensions. Same goes for avatars.

This "thing" yesterday only looked like a Dodge Magnum pickup!
I've had trouble for months online from a Ferrarichat sociopath named MAGNUM in Ferrari chat rooms (aka MATTEO).
Online Magnum even organized a civil conspiracy in New York....which almost cost a lawyer (WHART) his job!

Yesterday's "Dodge Magnum" death avatar was certainly generated from the same place as that chat room loser Magnum's consciousness: The avatar from the inter-dimension was here to end my books' revelation of what is beyond them!
They are the Quantum Wolves.
I am targeted for death so I wont complete and release what is polishing up to be a masterpiece,

Aw hell John, be rational!
Maybe it was all the novicane! I'd just been to the dentist in Cheyenne.
Yea, that's the ticket
Nya Nya Nya...missed me Death Avatar! AH pilot car driver from TexAss probably!
Yea, I know how to race Ferraris!
And I know blind spots and Shaolin
And I'm not afraid of death, or of killing in the self defense of consciousness!
"Nothing Means Nothing. Have a Nice Day"
END OF TRANSMISSION (manual and automatic)
PS: The text of this email will be at the end of the book, right after the happy ending, where the flood of Neutrinos from Kevin and Bernadette's kiss, stream through the AMANDA detector in Antarctica...and as Webb Space Telescope astronomers see the ignition of their star in the BeeHive cluster. That's ART!

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The latest:
The Wyoming legis

The latest:
The Wyoming legislature is about to pass a new gun law that will make it legal to carry a concealed weapon (on person or in car) WITHOUT A PERMIT OF ANY KIND!

It's insane!

Guys will be packing when they go to the bar with their girlfriend (STOP LOOKING AT MY GIRLFRIEND, A__H__! WHAT? YOU WANT TO FIGHT? TAKE THAT!!!!)
"But your honor, the dead man was assaulting me and I had to protect myself and my gf!"

Thank god I didn't have my Ruger assault rifle in the van Monday! Because if this Magnum pickup had stalked me and pulled over to assault me, I'd likely have executed him Iraq style. No statement to the prosecution...and exculpatory evidence of skid marks on highway to prove (alleged) prior vehicular assault!

THAT is "Combat driving" WYOMING STYLE!

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It would get "those kinds&

It would get "those kinds" out of the gene pool after a couple of generations...

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You are suffering from road ra

You are suffering from road rage and should get this fixed before you kill someone. When you see this type of issue starting to happen just reduce your speed and move over to the right lane . Let the nuts go and continue on your way. For all you know this nut could have pulled out a 9MM and start blasting you. Let it go.

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Hey WYO, you need to buy my Ra

Hey WYO, you need to buy my Radical Sr-3 and do track days. If interested, email your address to me and I'll send you a DVD of the car, info, and trailer. Its a great package with all you need to run the Radical, and be top dog on track days.
[email protected]
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