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Hi Everyone
I have changed th

Hi Everyone
I have changed the distributor on my 78 308 GT4 to a "more modern" version from Black Stalion.

Therefore I have a single distributor, set of coils, leads and extenders (basically everything that makes it fire up for sale (I'm keeping the plugs though).

The points need changing but the dist is in good original but overhauled condition with brand new condensors, the cap is good as is the rotor arm.

Included is the blanking plate and something that goes in the 2nd dist camshaft (all new)?

So this is the perfect time to convert your twin dizzy 308 to an easy to maintain single version with the Euro advance curve.

Prior ro removal the car easily revved past 7k so I guess its all in good working order..

Before I wack it on eBay I thought I would give FTalk first refusal - not for silly money though ;-)
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