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For about a month, I've ha

For about a month, I've had a used Stebro x-pipe listed as being for sale. Since then, one poorly-speaking "interested person" after another has contacted me like this one that came in today:

Am interested in purchased your item without no delay
the transaction by answer my question below:

[1.] Do you accept a ( Cashier Check / Money Order )
as a mode of payment?

[ 2. ] What is the final asking prize you can go at

[3.] What is the condition of the items?

[4] Will you let our shipping company to come to you
house for the pick up of the item cos we don't want
you to worry yourself about the shipping of the item

[5] You are to send your NAME,ADDRESS,TEL # to mail
out the payment today.

[ 6. ] Will you be able to send the excess fund back
to the shipping company via western union money
transfer same day you recieve and cash the check for
the arrangement of the home pick up from your house
down to my client.shippment. i'll like this
transaction to be kept in utmost trust
My guess is that a ring of foreign criminals have decided that anybody with Ferrari car parts probably has a load of other things to steal.
Naturally, none of the four people I gave my PO Box to (for the $400 check payment) has sent anything.

Has anybody else ever offered a Ferrari part for sale and been inundated with fake "offers"?

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Unfortunatley this kind of act

Unfortunatley this kind of activity is not exclusive to Ferrari Parts. "globalization" includes gloabalized crime. I have escaped several such scams in my business, but not all without cost.

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This is the key to it being a

This is the key to it being a fraud.
"Will you be able to send the "excess" funds back
to the shipping company via western union money
transfer same day you recieve"
He wants you to wire him the "excess" cash , while you wait for his check to bounce. He takes the cash and disappears. You get a bad check.

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That's got to be it, Steve

That's got to be it, Steve! Thanks for the clear explanation of why these guys keep talking about more than the $400 I'm charging for the pipe!
So, if I cash the check and DON'T send the excess funds back, he can deal with Wyoming!

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So if the bad guys use the sam

So if the bad guys use the same account for a period of time, could you put the check they send in "for collection" at your bank and wait to see if their account has funds that you could get? We did that all the time on bad acounts receivables, with bad checks. Our bank will slam the bad check through when the bad guys account has enought funding to clear the check. Might be fun to try one of these guy's at their own game.

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Steve is 100 percent accurate.

Steve is 100 percent accurate. My neighbor lost two thousand dollars selling an old car to a buyer claiming to be out of States. He deposited a five thousand dollar check in his account, forwarding two to the buyesrs. And since the bank trusted him, funds were availabel at once. Well, guess what? two weeks later he got a letter from the bank stating that the money orders were counterfeit.

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Here's the latest!

Here's the latest!
I SOLD THE STEBRO X-PIPE! a man from Salt Lake City, who drove his 550 up to Rock Springs, Wyoming and met me at the Village Inn on Dewar Drive with $400 cash from his ATM!

Interesting man. 33 years old and has had 14 Ferraris in his life, everything from a 248 to (he's waiting) F-430CS. His 550 had 355CS seats to save weight! And he's been on-track at Fioranno more than once (I forget..3-4 times? and his driving instructor was a former F-1 driver).

ANYWAY...he likes the 550 the best and can tell you exactly why. So I'm happy (particularly to have GOTTEN home from that 400 mile six hour drive... on BALD rear tires, as we found out today at the local tire store when we put my former track rear set back on with the OEM wheels.
The thread was showing through about an inch on each tire!

Oh yea,,,,,
In the mail today, I got a $4,000 check for the $400 pipes! The scam goes on!

I've heard that even your local bank can be fooled because the fake check has that (supposed) bank's correct routing number on the "certified check". What's hilarlious about my $4,000 check is that I can't even read the sender's address! And how would I ship to England if I can't read the address?

I'll have pictures of the bald tires and the 550 in Rock Springs AND in the middle of the night, underneath the flaming natural gas vent at Dry Creek pumping station! Imagine a blow torch, shooting a flame 20 feet! And the sound like a jet engine! I made a movie with the 550 in the foreground.
Work Work Work
I have to make some money!
I have a 550 to maintain!
(the week of the 19th, she goes in for GTO250 cam timing with Dave Helms/ Boulder...on the good tires!
It'll be a hoot to see how long these rear tires last!)
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