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It's been suggested to me

It's been suggested to me that a "Ferrari Buyers Guide" on many popular models, somewhat like the printed versions for many makes would be a helpful & useful addition.

What say Ye??


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Amen says I, for whatever that

Amen says I, for whatever that's worth.

Books are great but they get outdated for obvious reasons. I've also found myself wanting to go deeper into certain things I find important that the author might not.

This forum is like a real time book. Accurate information, and a wealth of it. Also, given the broad range of models owners here have it should be good for people to put in their 2 cents about their experiences.

Not just about the cars themselves, but their experiences and such. I'm sure there are horror stories out there that many people could learn from. It's scary out there how many exotic owners are out there who are completely unfamiliar with the term PPI. Yikes!

It should also put Tech Articles back in the spotlight. The forum and the questions are great, but searching for specifics on the board can be a bit of a pain. It would be cool to have a section almost like a magazine or book form.

Oh, and make sure you do it for the Lamborghini board too!


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So you establish a sect


So you establish a section called "Buyer's Guide" on Ferrari-Talk. Then a sub-section on each series of cars (3X8s, Daytonas, Boxers, 355s, etc). Then each of us places our comments, likes, drivability, maintenance, etc. under that individual model.

Is this where you are going? If so, or close to it, I would like to see it done and would contribute to it based on my experience of the cars I have owned. I like it.

Drew Altemara

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There have been many 'Buye

There have been many 'Buyer's Guides' in both printed and web forms, some very good. A crowded market.
Just my opinion, but if F-Talk was going to do a buyer's guide, it should have a different and unique F-Talk spin on it to differentiate it from the crowd. One of the overwhelming strengths of this board is the technical aspects and servicing. I think if "we" did a buyers guide, it should be the best technical/maintenence reference on a potential car purchase available anywhere, with hard numbers and costs; Not much more than Forza's Green/Red issues exists now.
Happy to contribute what I know with others on the Mondials if needed.

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Hi Giys,

Yes an online vers

Hi Giys,

Yes an online version. I should have been more clear.

Yes Drew you got it..a section specifically dedicated as a Buyers Guide Section with all (or many) models with their own subsection of info.

Not as competition for other such Guides but more as an adjunct for ourselves and the viewing audience going forward and as a Web Reference Library of sorts for shoppers like Don for example (which I found a very interesting microcosum of Buying a Ferrari). I couldn't do something like this myself but Ferrari-Talk has attracted the most knowlegable and helpful guys on the net, so this is what makes this new idea possible. Done right we could print it someday and turn it into it's own book/magazine...looking far forward of course

One of it's better points might be the fact most of the contributions are "after the fact" and the contributors have the benifit of 20/20 hindsight. Unlike most of the printed versions.

well I guess we'll move this forward and see what happens

Regards, JRV

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I'm in the market for a 30

I'm in the market for a 308 or 348. This would help alot.

I say go for it..
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