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Proper driving position, accor

Proper driving position, according to Ralf Schumacher

1. Seat height: as high as possible.
2. Distance from steering wheel: your outstretched arms meet the sides of the wheel at the wrists.
3. Distance to the pedals: with the clutch fully depressed, the knee is still bent.

"A Formula One driver wouldn't be able to drve more than a few hundred yards in the seating position used by most drivers...

...The best seating position for ordinary drivers is not quite as extreme as in motorsport, but the principles are similar...

...A high seating position automatically provides a better all-around view and a better view of the instruments. Of course, there are limits to height adjustment: there should be at least enough room between the ceiling of the car and the top of the driver's head for a clenched fist...

...The angle between the backrest and the seat should be 90-100 degrees, i.e., nearly upright. Most drivers prefer a more shallow position for the backrest, and initially find this most comfortable. That's not ideal, however, because the backrest supports the entire back only when the spinal column keeps its natural shape...

...The headrests are not just there for comfort; they also protect against severe injuries to the neck vertebrae. In a head-on crash, the driver is first preopelled forward, then diagonally backwards and up. Therefore, the top edge of the headrests should be at least level with the top of the head or higher. Whiplash injuries and dangerous injuries to the cervical vertebrae frequently come about because the headrests are set too low..."

Interesting read. How does your driving position measure up?


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Great advice Taek. I have also

Great advice Taek. I have also found that the closer to 90 degrees you can get the backrest the more you can feel the acceleration. I like that.


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When driving enthusiastically

When driving enthusiastically (is that the right spellíng?) I drive like that except for the seat which I keep in the lowest possible position.
When I'm lazy crusing around I have a more laidback position...
// Peter

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I admit. My driving position

I admit. My driving position was lower than it should in other cars. It's just that all these sports cars have such low roofs! When I'm driving sedans of SUVs I tend to sit as low as I can. I think it just has something to do with being used to sitting so low on sports cars.

I think it's pretty accurate. The faster I go I tend to try to sit up straighter and closer to the wheel. Can't stand the people who recline their seat backs waaaaaaay back.


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For me, every car has a low ro

For me, every car has a low roof

I have to put the seat as low and as far back as possible and slightly reclined. In most cars this puts me at the proper distance from the wheel. My head is probably still above where most people sit

I have to shake my head and wounder how my wife can drive every time I see her in the seat. She is fairly short and pulls the seat way forward. When I bought my new Avalanche I got it with the adjustable pedals so she could sit back but she refuses because she's used to driving that way.
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