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I had to help translation from

I had to help translation from a Frech writer. This is what I came up with. Does this sound right? Ever hear this?

Troubles Starting? Maybe it isn't the starter!

Are you having troubles with the starter motor?

Don't fret too much. I had it, at first I thought it was the starter so I made rebuilt one for about 150 Euros because it is a Nipon Denso like Japaneses car so it was possible to find parts.

But finaly it was not it, it start one time and the next time it didn't work but made a "clac"(sound heard).

To repair it you must know that there is a red wiring harness (one end male other female) that does not appear in the manuals. To find the connector look under the air filter.

Be sure to check it to see that the connector is clean. Sometime it is not correctly connected as was the case with mine.

So the ground was bad.

Clean it very well and re-connect it. I used two addtional clamps to hold it better as you can see in the photo.

After this no more problems and only 150 euros lost (which you can save)! So try this fix before you rebuild your starter.

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Hi Anrew,

sounds like he is

Hi Anrew,

sounds like he is reffering to a 348 and the harness connections in the engine compartment. Without the photo of reference I can't see exactly what he was clamping.

Regards, JRV
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