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I have some vibration in the d

I have some vibration in the drive train that starts at about 85 MPH and seems to quiet down a bit above 90. The vibration causes the shift lever to “buzz” in that range. The vibration is there whether I’m under power or coasting.

My first thought has been – balance the drive shaft.

Was curious as to what the collective thought –
Could this be a bad Flexible Coupling?

Comments appreciated –


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A frequency specific


A frequency specific vibration can be caused by a few things, with the driveshaft being a possible cause. I would start by carefully inspecing the rubber coupler...Any signs of cracking? A 360 degree view is essential.
-Driveshaft balance...Possible (see next step)
-U-joints...Loose or binding?
-Trannission mounts...Loose or deteriorated?
-Driveshaft alignment...
-Lastly, unlikely but possible, differential bearings...

This is the order in which I'd approach the problem. Hope this helps!

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