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Drove the finished product hom

Drove the finished product home today - yee-haa!
Starting is really different as you don't start it like Kjet. Since I do not use the starting enrichment (choke), you hit the pedal twice (a no-no with FI), turn the key, wait a moment for the pump, and varoom. A bit of throttle feathering needed when initially cold, but does not have that old plumbing sound the Kjet had starting from cold. Settles down to a purr at 950 rpm. Once warm, no problem holding the A/C.
Drive off is about the same as stock, and I never felt any strong pull under 2500 with either. The FI used to start picking up and would build fairly linearly from about 2800 in a steady smooth onward push like a relentless train up to the redline in every gear. The carbureted engine after 3200 surges and builds noticibly faster as the revs increase and the needle wildly races to the redline over 5000. So, the flow seems to improve with rpm. Kind of cammy, but not really a noticable transition.
Yepper, folks, it does pop a very little on decel. Was able to drive in stop and go (hey, DC beltway at 4:30) and was tractable in the 2000 - 3800 range without stumbling exactly smooth as the FI, but may be a very little less umph but not sure.
The carb engine may be a hair down on low end torque compared but hard to tell - certainly as smooth (surprise to me). It definitely responds to the throttle better (duh) and goes faster faster at higher rpm. I am expecting fuel consumption to rise with the carbs, but the way I drive it was always bad even with the FI.
Sound is way better.
Engine looks neater.
Again, the mech said he drove it side by side to a 308 GTS qv and the Mondial carb 3.2 was much faster.
Later, I'm going to try a little more advance bringing in 34-36 degreees by 3400 rpm. There is a chassis dyno nearby so will get a graph in a few weeks after the distributor upgrade.
Thanks again to all that helped


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Hey Russ, Cool Set-Up!!!


Hey Russ, Cool Set-Up!!!

A few questions,

Do you have plans to put different cams in at some point?

Where did you get the manifolds?

What size Webers are you running?

What size chokes (venturis) are you running?

Best Regards, JRV

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Russ, Were you not installing

Russ, Were you not installing a Millermon distributor conversion on your engine also? I seem to recall a picture of one for a Ford 60 HP flathead that you were considering. Which way did you go?


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Cams - YES definitely will be

Cams - YES definitely will be going with cams later. Have been talking with Webcam extensively, and we agreed it would be best to just change one thing at a time and work out the bugs. For a 4v, they do not recommend anything over 260. I am hoping for a solid 95 - 100 hp/liter.

Manifolds are a Frank Capo/Modena Engineering part that I found at Blackhorse. I've talked to Frank in Austrailia several times as well.

Again, to set this up did not wish to start too radically:
40DCNF12s with 34mm chokes, 150 main, 190 A/C, .6 idles and 45 accels. This information cost several hundred bucks of developing to find out, so would save it if you might do this in the future.
I am also going to experiment with 36mm venturis later. I do so love Webers.

Again, one thing at a time. Both distributor options are in the mail (Millermon and Norwood) for a spark off competition for these nest two weeks. Watch this space for photos and side by side comparison.

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I really like the look of the

I really like the look of the Ford flathead distributor set up. It would allow a much cleaner set up when routing wires among other things.

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