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According to Webster, Electrol

According to Webster, Electrolysis is:
"The decomposition into ions of a chemical compound in solution by the action of an
electrical current passing through the solution."

The coolant circulating in the engine block is subjected to electrical current because the engine block is the ground circuit for much of the electrical system. Over time the coolant becomes a voltage producing solution. It then begins to eat away the metal it contacts.

Before computerized engine controls this was the major concern. Now however, the voltage produced
by the coolant also upsets the logic of the computer system that can produce driveablity problems.

Have your coolant checked periodically and 'renewed' to prevent this problem.

*Total coolant/cooling system management is an issue that should be of concern to both consumers and service technicians.

*Coolant system maintenance and change intervals
are not being adhered to resulting in major problems for today's automotive engine cooling
systems. *Chemical stability of the engine coolant is extremely important to prevent its
breakdown. .

Improper grounding of aftermarket electrical equipment, such as sound systems, may result in cooling system component failures due to electrolysis. *Today there
are different coolant families and it is generally recommended that they not be mixed. For
best results, when adding new antifreeze/coolant to the cooling system, a mixture of 50%
coolant and 50% distilled water should be used. A refractometer is the best tool to use for
in-shop coolant testing. *Most OEM vehicle manufacturers do not approve of the use of recycled coolant in their vehicles. Currently, there are no existing machines or processes certified to meet the ASTM purity requirements for on-site recycled engine coolants for use in typical auto repair shops. "Coolant system management should be a regular part of every engine cooling system service procedure and maintenance activity.

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Magnesium anodes can be used t

Magnesium anodes can be used to delay electrolysis in aluminum blocks (don't use zinc anodes for Aluminum!).
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