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Found this in J.C. Whitney cat

Found this in J.C. Whitney catalog on's the cure for the electrolysis problem quite common in all fuel injected models...check it out....this is being posted as a service to all members
Prevents overheated radiators caused by rust, scale and corrosion. Save money on needless flushing, repairs, anti-freeze changes, special additives! Zinc anode slips in radiator filler neck and neutralizes rust/corrosion-causing chemicals. Lasts for years. NOTE: Not for radiators with plastic tanks. Add InstallPRO service for an additional $9.99 to $39.99 with purchase. Click product Item # for more detailed information
Item Description Unit Item # Price Qty. Add InstallPRO Installation Order
Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor Each ZX747496U $12.99 Contact us J.C. Whitney at (800) 603 4383
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I was talking with Wil de Groo

I was talking with Wil de Groot about electrolysis and he said the following "We don't really have much of a problem with rust, scale or corrosion in cooling systems. In cars where the owners prefer traditional glycol anti-freeze we install a pre-mix blend that contains only glycol antifreeze and distilled water. The distilled water contains no minerals and changing the coolant annually is not that big of a deal.

For more discerning owners we install Evan's coolant which is completely waterless, causes no corrosion, has a boiling point of about 370 degrees and does not need to be pressurized. This last fact takes the strain off of hoses, water pump seals, radiators, head gaskets, etc. Evans coolant also does not allow detonation-causing steam pockets around combustion chambers since there is no water to turn to steam. It's a great product that I use in my own cars. If you have any interest you can find more information at

Wil de Groot is with Exoticars USA
6 Washington Street
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
PHONE: (908)996-4889

They specialize in Ferraris & Lamborghinis and their shop is really nice. I am considering having work done there and I personnally checked out their referrals....everyone praises them and says their fair and honest. One of their customers I talked to is located in Virginia and they sent an enclosed transporter to pick up his car! Their web site states free pick up & delivery within a 50 mile radius of their shop.

To see his web site click on the following link:
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