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Found this in J.C. Whitney cat

Found this in J.C. Whitney catalog on's the cure for the electrolysis problem quite common in all fuel injected models...check it out....this is being posted as a service to all members

Prevents overheated radiators caused by rust, scale and corrosion. Save money on needless flushing, repairs, anti-freeze changes, special additives! Zinc anode slips in radiator filler neck and neutralizes rust/corrosion-causing chemicals. Lasts for years. NOTE: Not for radiators with plastic tanks. Add InstallPRO service for an additional $9.99 to $39.99 with purchase.
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Item Description Unit Item # Price Qty. Add InstallPRO Installation Order
Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor Each ZX747496U $12.99 Contact us J.C. Whitney at (800) 603 4383
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A magnesium anode would be a b

A magnesium anode would be a better choice to protect the aluminum.

But neither one is needed- just change your coolant annually to keep the acid level down and your inhibitors up.
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