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Inspired by our friends Roland

Inspired by our friends Roland and Helen Linder's love, Doreen and I got engaged Saturday in Fort Collins at Pulcinella Ristorante.

I'll have to change my avatar now! That former girlfriend in La Jolla is now history!
Doreen is the perfect Ferrari passenger!

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Congrats Wyo550! And to Doree

Congrats Wyo550! And to Doreen!

Tell that Roland cat we are thinking of him as well, hoping he can join us here soon for some "chat"....

Al and Val

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Roland called Dori the other d

Roland called Dori the other day from NC.
He and Helene are getting happily settled into their new lives together. Their new house is kind of Japanese compared to their ranch in Bellevue. But they have really made it theirs.
Naturally, even without the cars from CO, Roland's already set up shop in the garage.
I'm thinking about getting him a yellow 550 model for his model that I've run mine to 190-191 (uphill at 7,000 ft. 6500 rpm...what a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was!
Rendez-vous in reverse!) And unlike that moron Steffan Erickson, I didn't lose mine!

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You're a very lucky guy!!!!!

I saw Roland on the Mothers Car Wax Commercial...and a new House??? no wonder he's to busy to post ;)

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Well, Roland's had a rough

Well, Roland's had a rough go with the dual shoulder surgery, JRV, had to let the Ranch and the F40LM go, due to it......

I could have run the Ranch for him if I'd known, but had not spoken to him since FFQC. Of course I don;t know NOTHIN' about that cowboy stuff but could fake it!

Still , sometimes it pays to cut the overhead once in awhile! LOL!
Like I've done since losing my gig.......glad to hear he is happy over there...we'll drop over and check out the surf, some day!
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