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Back in December, I posted abo

Back in December, I posted about a fuel leak on the right tank. After some investigation of the hoses, connections, etc- the leak was not found

I sent it to Boston Sportcar to fix. It turned out to be a seam had come apart slightly. They removed the tank, sent it out for repairs,
and the repainted it, added new strap pads, and re-installed. All is well.

Also- they replaced the warm-up regulator because I asked them to investigate a poor warm-start. The WUR failed miserably the initial fuel pressure tests. Replaced it- all is well. The one on my car was not the correct one for my car anyway. It only had one vacumn connection, and my car requires two. The vacumn from the bottom of the throttle body was plugged with a bolt. Weird.

Boston Sportscar has been great to work with. They kept me in the loop and had things done when they said they would. The only thing that slowed them down was the first WUR they received was the wrong one- and the correct one had to come from Germany.

Thought you folks would like a quick update- especially if any of you are having these exact problems.


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>>It turned out to be

>>It turned out to be a seam had come apart slightly. <<

First I've heard of this, but I will surely make a mental note that the tanks can split eventualy.

Glad you got the problem isolated & solved.

Regards, JRV
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