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Sorry to hear about your troub

Sorry to hear about your troubles. A**holes like that should be strung up.

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From your website ... "Bei

From your website ... "Being from New York and not able to personally inspect the car"

I guess I just don't understand.
Do they not have an airport in New York any more?
If you could not get away, could you not hire someone qualified to perform a PPI?

I'm sorry about your misfortune, but it sounds like you are one of the many people out there that have more money than common sense.

RULE #1: When buying a used car: Always have it inspected before the purchase.
RULE #2: Do not send a deposit for the majority of the purchase price to hold a car.

What I really don't understand is, after you arrived at this scum-bag dealership,
and found that the car was not as represented, why did you not cancel the sale, recover the good faith deposit and leave?

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Without caning you too badly I

Without caning you too badly I'll say much the same...on my first Ferrari purchase I had the GOOD fortune to be dealing with some straight shooters, I DID have to wire most of the money but the offer was always there to refuse based upon inspection and it was MY fault for the delay on consumating the have to be pretty wary on these type cars, they draw some bottom feeders for sure.

IMO, all you can do is what most of us have done at some point......fix it up, on!
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