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Expense of ownership

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I am asking all those who curr

I am asking all those who currently own one or have in the past, what is the deal with the cost of ownership of a Ferrari? I am currently working on a financial plan that would enable me to spend roughly $75-100k in two years and it has always been a dream to own a Ferrari; but after hearing how costly they are to own, is it going to keep me running to the bank? What are some of the typical costs involved? I'm interested in either a 355 Spyder, TR, or maybe a 360 Modena (if they come down in price a little). I would greatly appreciate and advise anyone can give.

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Cost of ownership, to me, is j

Cost of ownership, to me, is just a crap shoot!!!! A proper PPI is a safe bet.

I have seen low mileage cars that need thousands of $$$$$$ to repair, and, at at the same time, seen high mileage cars, with NO $ to repair.

If the car looks nice, and well maintained, on the outside, one can assume a good engine. I like those ads that read: "Engine perfect.....needs some minor body and interior repair".........I don't believe that!!!!!!!!!! Or how about those that read: "easily fixed"?.........if it is so easy to do, then why didn't they do it before they try and sell the car????????????

NO one maintains the engine, and leaves the body go to hell, and vis-verca.
To keep from getting burned &a

To keep from getting burned & burned out on service & repairs of Ferrari's and other exotic cars you need as much knowledge about car problems as possible (and a resource like F-Talk) and a really Good, honest mechanic.

Unfortunately, in this business there are many who would pray on the weak (uniformed/unknowledgable).

Get a GOOD Ferrari & a GOOD mechanic and your bills will be in a range most would consider reasonable for the type of car and will be driving more than servicing. It's also important to learn how to take care of and treat the machine for maximum reliability & fun and time between shop visits.

Regards, JRV
Having owned and driven variou

Having owned and driven various Ferrari's 300,000 miles over 30+ years, I think the overall cost is about $2.50-$3.0 per mile.
JRV is quite right and buying a car in good condition is very important.
I have had alot of cars....fro

I have had alot of cars....from a 308QV to an F40 and a TR. I think the key to keeping cost down are the PPI before the purchase and keeping things up after the putchase....and make sure that you drive the thing!

If you are able to do your own service/repair work the costs come down dramatically.
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