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Hello All,
As some of you may

Hello All,
As some of you may remember, my F355 had an annoying red light on in the middle of my dash that was caused by the Bosch Siren/battery being bad. While I had my car in the shop, I decided to remove the unit. I cut it open and found two 3.6v nicad batteries in it. Both batteries were good, but the contacts were corroded. I cleaned the contacts and the batteries and everything worked!

I photographed everything and JR agreed that I could put up a technical article
on this fix. I should have it finished soon.

Now the bad news, I misplaced the short wiring harness that connects the siren to the car. Can anyone get me a part number to order a new one
or sell me on. It has 4 wires and is about 5 inches long.
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