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Can anyone tell me if they fac

Can anyone tell me if they faced the problem of primary shaft rotation in neutral when hot and difficulty to engage reverse from neutral? This situation started since the new clutch and longer end of stroke studs have been introduced.Thanks and RGS.

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To get around the gear selecti

To get around the gear selection problem for the moment, try selecting reverse directly from 1st gear.
The clutch dragging problem, since clutch replacement, is probably due to the PIS having been set a little too low, by the technician who was using the SD2.
He is required to input the parameters/thickness of new clutch plates when making the setting, and I suspect that went wrong here.
Let me know if you can get reverse directly from 1st.
There is a procedure for resetting the PIS without the SD2, but it may not work if the thickness data was either not input, or incorrect data was used.

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Dear Donie,

Hi and nice to

Dear Donie,

Hi and nice to hear from you.

Thank you very much for your time.

I am the one working on the SD2 and I usually do the cycle test when a new clutch is installed and when asked if clutch is new I say yes and it records the new value.I then drive the car for a while and when back from testing,the shaft rpm is zero even at a pis of 4.8 which is the best setting for a positive driving if the system allows this value of course.But after a while the customwer comes back and complains for not being able to engage reverse from neutral but he can do it from first.I have tried most of the times on many cars increasing the PIS to the max value step by step with many pick ups at each value insertion but the shaft is still rotating.

I have never had this problem with the old clutch part number before the new number has been introduced and the longer end of stroke studs were introduced as well.I discovered by myself about the longer studs by chance and niticed that the Enzo had a TI in this regard.

We were official dealers in Lebanon at that time and I was the technical manager then,but when submitting this problem to our technical inspector I did not have a factory solution to this problem.Now we keep giving service to the faithful customers who are still asking for our support because the new dealer is not yet operational and since 8 months they would have found themselves without support if we did not give them this support.

Regarding the PIS setting without the SD2 you mean when you have an ECU with automatic PIS adjustment(Engine starting and stopping four times when car is cold)? Or the adjustable PIS you can do it even?

If yes (with the manual pis adjustment)I would like to learn it from you.

I thank you in advance and hope we will be able to communicate for future cases.

We are official Dealers of Maserati and I am in charge.

Do you work on your own or for an official dealership?

Best Regards.

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