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I have the following for the F430 - all removed from may car when I upgraded the exhaust and headers. All items are in the UK and can be collected in person if you wish from York.

Hill Engineering Polished Exhaust Tips - cleaned up and all grommets fully working and greased up. Fits F430 standard exhaust - just slips over and tightens with 2 grub screws per sleeve. Easy to fit and remove for cleaning. Really improves the look of the stock F430 exhaust. New £200 - bargain at £100 plus postage. Can do postage outside of UK at cost to the buyer.

Mark II headers. My car had the recall mod in around 2011 and had the MkII headers fitted. When I upgraded to the Ferrari Sports exhaust, I got a pair of after market headers too. Nothing wrong with the original headers when they were on my car prior to removal. If your car has Mk1 headers or you need a set of these to play around with - these would be ideal. These are on eBay for 100s of pounds each. I'll do both for £250 plus postage or you can collect.

Exhaust parts - silencer box and tail pipes plus brackets for F430 - again all fine when on my car - but got a genuine Ferrari Sports exhaust. The tail pipe has the valves attached. Great if you have a broken one or blowing pipes or just for spares. £200 the set.

Any questions please ask.
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