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Automotive Art Galleries is pr

Automotive Art Galleries is proud to present a large format(3'-8" by 5'-6")limited edition(25)Giclee print signed & numbered on canvas by Roger Hector.

Car Art, Inc. based in California says the following, “Internationally renowned artists and museums, such as the new York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, have had exhibitions using this medium (Giclee prints)"

A lifelong car enthusiast, Roger Hector has become widely recognized as a master automotive artist and designer. He has created & designed a variety of automotive projects ranging from sports & racing cars, to off road vehicles, to driving and flying simulators. His fine artwork has been featured in prestigious museums, galleries, publications, and private collections across the country."

Look at the following comments to prove a point about his works:

"Luminous, detailed, and's easy to see why so many private fine art and car collectors have commissioned subjects from Roger Hector" - Automobile Magazine

"Extraordinary! ... a brilliant painter who's work survives the closest scrutiny." - Automobile Quarterly

"The work is beautiful. We expected the prints to be of a very high caliber, but when seen first-hand, they exceeded our expectations completely!" - The Haley Motorsports Collection

This large format Giclee print is perfect for the office, den or the ultimate garage to compliment your fine automobile collection. Price in Gallery is $2375 and now discounted for Ferrari-talk members,} $1750 plus $25.00 shipping and handling & insurance. This is a first time offer and will not be repeated again; for smaller renditions of his works as lithographs go to : and enjoy! Have other large size limited edition prints with differant subject matter. R.J. Scheurer, email [email protected] if interested. References upon request.
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