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Im just about to rep


Im just about to replace my stock cavis wires with new magnecore wires. I just received them in the mail today. I have a question though. The new wires on the ends that go into the distrubutor cap have a small thin wire hanging out like a 1/2" or so. Do I cut that off or just push the wire in the dist. cap like that and tighten the screw. I wasnt sure because the old cavis wires didnt have the small thread like wire hanging out and besides when you tighten the screw in the cap thats where it makes contact at right? I just dont want to cut the wires and ruin them.

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I had a custom set made

I had a custom set made from (Magnecor)#87236
for my 1984 308 Qv, they are a spiral core wire 7mm . They have sets for ferrari 308,328 v8 quattrovalvole they are cut to size...
spark plug wires only, some original fitting must be re-used... black in color but you re-used your old red covers
They worked great saved me $500.USD...
And my car is in california pass somg with low readings...

Hi Corey,
Good job getting your wires...
Yes,I had to cut off the thin wire, very carefully
When removing your caps, take your time.
I had broken one of mine, and had to buy another ($500)
Be very carefull...

After installing your wires to the cap one at a time, check with your volt/ohm meter for resistance from the screw and at the ends of the new wires, you may need to remove screw and re-tighten again to get best contact.

Also when you re-used your old red covers be carefull pulling old one off

I used light lube spray to help removing the ends off the wires, then wiped clean so you can install the stock cavis style covers and ends.
And take your time pulling end covers off the magnecore wires, not to damage them...

Thanks, I hope this helps...
[email protected]

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excellent desciption of new wi

excellent desciption of new wire set removal/install!

Thank You!!

So many helpful people here, what a pleasure to read these posts!
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