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Ferrari 308 smog test

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Hi, i am a proud 2 year owner

Hi, i am a proud 2 year owner of my 1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi. I need to get my 308 smogged for the first time in California, and wondering if it will pass. I talked to a few 308 and 328 owners and told me if your car is running clean and not smoking it will be fine.( i just recently changed motor oil and filter ). I called a ferrari garage near me and he said that it wont pass, and that they have to prep it first so it will pass.. for about $150.00. Does anyone have any previous experience on this matter. Thanks!!
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It is very wise to use a shop

It is very wise to use a shop equipped with a four gas analyzer to examine your car in advance!!!!! The state keeps records on the vehicles that FAIL for one reason....

Also, with that type equipment your car can be preadjusted to the optimum levels. There's a surprising Large difference in these cars between "running" and "running SPOT ON!"

I like going in for the inspection KNOWING where I am, against the Emission Standards.

Go for the "prep", with a knowledgable Ferrari Technician........
Oh, and 'Welcome' to t

Oh, and 'Welcome' to this site!!!

Thankfully Texas has a pretty good situation on older cars, exempting them at 25 years of age.
But my older carb cars had to pass for several years before reaching exempt status.

Be sure to test them HOT! A good run on the freeway first then pull that baby in the service bay.......
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