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Just to add one note to this a

Just to add one note to this article,

In my research to fix my broke compressor seal, Duracool is illegal for us in the United States on passenger vehicles. Almost no AC shop will work on your car with Duracool b/c it will contaminate their system and hefty fines and problems will result for them (as noted above and here )

The conversion to R-134a can be completed by using mineral oil (POE), replacing the valves with the correct shrader valves, replace the dryer, drain the oil from the compressor and refill with the correct oil (POE for the conversion). Install the dryer last after everything else is installed.

Have an AC shop pull a vacuum on the system for 60-minutes to help remove all the moisture. Have them add the R-134a to the system since it won't cost you much more than doing it yourself, and it will be done right.

You can find the service manual for your York/CCI compressor here.

Thanks to Verrell Boaen for all this info.

JRV - hope you don't mind the link but there is some good info. on that thread.


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Hi Jeremy
Thanks for very hel

Hi Jeremy
Thanks for very helpfull info here.!!!
My car _a GTB turbo/ '89, same as 328GTB, but with a 2L turbo engine) has a York R206R compressor fitted... Can't find the oil capacity for this York. I know Aspera accepts 330ml and Sankyo 175ml... no specs for York R206R though.
Cany ou help?

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