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Hi I am selling the new F430 t

Hi I am selling the new F430 that I have waiting in Germany. This is not a Euro model, but an export model which means it is to be sold in the US, canada, and middle east. It has under 50 miles, F1 trans, navigation system, and Blue tooth technology. I can also get this car in any color or spec you want. For serious buyers I will fly you out to Germany, to view the car and sign paper work,then I can get you a temp plate to enjoy the car in Europe before it is brought here. Shipping the car here will take only 5 days.
I am also selling a Bugatti EB110, It is 1of 95 made. This car is quad turbo, 0-60 in the 3's and top speed of about 215mph. Please email me if your interested or have any questions.

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Originally Posted by

Originally Posted by

Thank you for warning us about this fraud.

As it is defibnitely one, we do have the car standing in France, at the owner's place;
This is a car I sold him 6 years ago and we took it durectly from louis Ketland, the president of the French Bugatti Club.
And the owner has nothing to do with arabs or the USA...

We know we do have some of our cars advertised for silly cheap prices around the world by crooks, mostly indonesians, but also sometimes in the USA.

Thanks you for your support,

Kindest regards,

Vincent Lasser

De : Kevin F. Henry [mailto:[email protected]]
Envoyé : samedi 5 février 2005 04:32
À : Classic Car Collection
Objet : FW:Further to your Bugatti EB 110 GT Ref: DG07
Importance : Haute

Dear Sirs

I have now been informed by Mr. Daniel C that it is, in fact, his partner, a Mr. Al Oloufa that is the authorized representative for the abovementioned Bugatti EB 110.

If you would be so kind as to confirm that this is, in fact, correct, I will be most appreciative.

Again, kindest regards

Kevin F. Henry of Los Angeles California

-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin F. Henry
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2005 6:47 PM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: Bugatti EB 110 GT Ref: DG07
Importance: High

Dear Sirs

I am a member of, and recently a gentleman has posted pictures of the Bugatti EB 110 which appear to have been taken directly from your website. Further, at the very least, he is claiming to represent the vehicle for sale. Arguably, he has inferred that he owns the car.

Please see the following: is the specific post where your pictures appear to have been taken and used. More specifically, as you can see, the VIN plate appearing on your website has been used by this gentleman.

Additionally, this same gentleman is claiming to have two Ferrari F430's for sale - this thread also discusses the Bugatti you have listed as we are trying to ascertain the credibility of the person in question.

Can you please advise me at your earliest convenience whether or not a Mr. Daniel C, from Long Island New York, is indeed an authorized representative for the sale of this particular Bugatti?

Thank you for your assistance in this matter - should the photos of the car and the VIN as used be misappropriated, I will alert the correct people and request their removal.

Kindest regards

Kevin F. Henry
Freeman & Mills, Inc.
Los Angeles, California USA

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Bravo, Jim, Bravo.


Bravo, Jim, Bravo.

Chatboard rule #1: "Never trust someone whose first post is selling something..."
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