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Looking for my 4th Exotic. La

Looking for my 4th Exotic. Late 2004 bought a new Gallardo great car but wanted the F1 tranny late 2005 purchased my second new Gallardo with F1 plagued with problems. Driving home headlamps failed, windshield wipers and dash lights and check engine light on. Lambo customer service STINKS!!!! Dealer was closed. picked up within two days, got back after 300 more miles check engine again. repaired finally after number times in shop over 4 weeks dealer took car back got third car also plagued with check engine problems.

Does the Ferrari pose any paticular problems? When there is a problem are you treated equally as good as a chevy/ford dealer or like a crappy lambo dealer.

What issue's can i expect. I bought these cars to drive and will put 8000 to 10000 miles a year. Please let me know your experience.

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When I take my Ferrari in for

When I take my Ferrari in for service, I get treated quite well (FOH) but most of the time I use a local independent race prep shop (Moorespeed). Here I get treated very well.

On the other hand, I do not expect next day turn around like I get 98% of the time at my local Toyota dealer, nor do I expect the free loaner car of my Infinity dealer. Compared to Toyota and Infinity, my local Chevy and Ford dealers suck wind.

My Ferrari F355B has been a low problem car, and if it were not for the race track use it gets, I think that it would be almost trouble free. That is, essentaially all of my problems have been self abuse of the vehicle. In 30K miles of my ownership, this car has eaten its dual mass flywheel twice, and I have had an A/C refill with expansion valve. Other than the brake service, oil changes, and tires, my car has been trouble free. Right now it has 50K miles on it with 4.2K of these taking place on race tracks; and I am putting on 4K-5K per year.

I do get the nose repainted every other year just to keep the car looking fresh.

But you should be aware that newer technologies (Like an F1 transmissions) are not as reliable as the older systems. When you run into a problem with an F1 system, the car gets towed, when you run into a problem with a manual system, you can still drive the car home.

The real trick to likeing the ownership experience is to find a service person that you can have a report with, and then developing that report. Every once in a while, my wife demands the garage (for a 7 year old Toyota), in this situation, I simply take my car to my local service place and have him hold onto the car for the 100dF+ 6 weeks surrounding August in Texas. With as much race track prep I do there, He provides this additional utility for free.

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Wanted: Ferrari seats in good

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