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The more I check various servi

The more I check various service centers for Ferrari's 30 K service, I get differant checks and services performed. The most complete list I found is listed below. Really confused?
- Southern California -
Independent Ferrari Mechanic
(626) 484-7933

*30,000 mile (MAJOR) Service for 308's, 328's, Mondial 3.2's & QV's = $2995.00
(348's are $3995.00, Mondial t's are $4995.00, and F355's are $5575.00 due to parts cost, engine removal, etc.)

{Documentation of every Major Service comes complete with a full write-up, pictures, and all receipts for your records}

-Replace Spark Plugs (NGK or Bosch)
-Replace Timing Belts and Tensioner Bearings
-Replace Cam Seals and Housing O-Rings
-Replace Valve Cover Gaskets
-Replace Distributor Seals and Housing Gaskets
-Replace Distributor Cap Gaskets
-Replace Cam End Cover Gaskets
-Replace Air Filter
-Replace Fuel Filter(s)
-Replace A/C Belt
-Replace Alternator / Water Pump Belt
-Adjust Valves (where applicable)
-Torque Cam Journals
-Torque Heads (check only)
-Set Timing
-Bleed Brake Lines
-Change Oil and New Filter
-Change Transaxle Gear Fluid
-Replace Coolant
-Inspection/Service of Air Conditioning System (recharge "R12" extra on 308's/348's but "R134" is included on F355's)
-Inspect all Lines (fuel, oil, water) and replace if necessary (extra charge for parts)
-Check of Lambda System and Bosch Fuel Injection System (make adjustments if necessary)
-Clean Engine Compartment
-Pressurize Coolant System, check for leaks
-Inspect CV Boots
-Inspect Fuse Panel
-Inspect Tires / Adj. Tire pressure

{The items below are inspected and advised to the customer at no charge. If any item(s) require service, the customer will be advised of the cost.

-Inspect Water Pump
-Inspect all Seals (shift shaft, main, timing gear assy)
-Inspect Ignition Wires / Caps / Rotors
-Inspect all Bulbs, Lights, Electrical Motors
-Inspect Clutch Pedal play (adjustment setting if necessary)
-Inspect all Suspension Bushings / Connections
-Inspect all Exhaust Joints / Connections for leaks
-Inspect Brake Pads and Discs
-Inspect Wheel Bearings

To view his site click on the link below:
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That is a nice list. Anywone w

That is a nice list. Anywone who is about to do a major service should think of those prices as starting points. Once you actually get into the service you may/will see other services that need to be done.
Agree with Tony, both lists lo

Agree with Tony, both lists look fine and essentially cover about all the basics just from scanning them.

But two things come into play with an extensive Engine Out Service (or even engine in services).

#1- Are "they Really Doing All that Work" !?!?

#2- What is Their Real List of "Ups & Extras"??

Anyone can write a list and quote a price. So the true value comes into play by the quality & thouroughness of the work truly performed. And what they try to charge "for additional services" or "ups & extras".

Another thing to consider is Age of Vehicle. When I do a 30K I always replace any Water Hoses & Seals difficult to replace later(only charging for parts) since everything is essentially already apart anyway. Additionaly on 348's anyone not replacing the feed pipe on the center Water Manifold (Factory TSB Mandatory Update)and cleaning ALL the Electrical Connectors & Sensors in the Engine Compartment (engine side)with special electrical cleaners and then treating with Stabilant or other simular products and repainting the Cam Covers & a Complete Power Cleaning of the Engine & Trans as well as informing Customer of any FACTORY UPDATES Needed (ie: The Aluminum Tipped Fuel Hoses Update) is not living up to the true meaning of a 30K Service.

Also I didn't see in either list the Checking of Compression (before the service is started) or Emmisions after the Service, to insure that the Engine is again in perfect running condition.

So the real confusion isn't price, price is or at least should be a simple function of the Math, hours spent + parts = price, the real confusion is only who really does what they say & the car needs, and delivers back a perfect product that will stand the test of time & use as the service is intended to..
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Thanks JRV you really cleared

Thanks JRV you really cleared things up alot! My Ferrari technician cleaned ALL the Electrical Connectors & Sensors in the Engine Compartment (engine side)with special electrical cleaner and then treated them with Stabilant. He also repainted the Cam Covers and sent me pictures of everything he did. He's from the old school and went through my car with a fine tooth automatically grounding out the ECU's,etc. I guess that's why people from all over the country send their cars to him, Ferrari's, Maserati's, Lamborghini's,etc. His shop is in Newport Beach California. I told a shop in New Jersey that I was going to keep my car for life and down the road if I needed to rebuild my heads, how much would that be....They said $14,000 to $17,000. Well, My tech in California said out there most people charge 11K, but he would completely rebuild my heads for 7K! Guess what, when the time comes I'm shipping my car from New Jersey out to Newport Beach for any real major rebuilds! If anyone out there is sick & tired of getting ripped off by there local Ferrari dealership....then check out my Ferrari specialist in Newport Beach Ca. His name is Helmuth Von Buelow and he owns and runs Avant-Garde Aotomobile Service, 2230 S.E. Bristol Street, Newport Beach, Ca.,92660 phone 949-553-0253 fax 949-553-0273....if it'll help, you can use my name as a referance if you want to....he really knows me....I drove him crazy with faxes and my car was in the shop for 15 straight days, 30K service $3000....Complete clutch $1500 and various other items like R&R all radiator & heater hoses, water pump, A/C compressor,thermostat,etc.All told when I was done with all the extra's I spent $7,000. Now that a deal from where I live....Here they want 5k for the 30K, 3K for the clutch alone...that's 8K total without even going into extras...See what I mean! It pays to shop for a reputable shop...I was given this shop by the dealer in Anaheim Ca. where I bought the car from....they send all their Ferraris to him for service! Thank God for networking!
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Ferrari engine out 30K service

Ferrari engine out 30K service Avant-Garde, Newport Beach Ca.<center><table border=1><tr><td>
Ferrari Engine out 30K service
ferrari 348 engine out.doc (162.8 k)</td></tr></table></center>
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Agree with JVR. Another thing

Agree with JVR. Another thing done to the 308 during major as the car here is tracked, A LOT. i have ALL data and paperwork on the car since 1987 but i believe in being VERY cautious:

IF this is your FIRST major for the car ------

Replace ALL hoses, not just coolant. Especially change fuel and oil hoses. Ever see a Ferrari just catch on fire? We all probably have and it is due to the fuel lines (usually). They might look ok from the outside, but inside they can be ticking time bombs

IF you replace the clutch (on a 308, the 348 may be different), then replace the rear main gasket.

While they are deep in the engine, all questionable bushings, bearings, etc should be changed. Some of these may be originals and very old.

IF you do not have steel braided brake lines, may as well get those too.

Am sure i forgot a few things, but those are the added 'basics' IMHO.

Yes, some of the above can turn a $4,500 service into a $6k service, but i KNOW things should hold up to track use.

FYI: the engine here sees 8k on some tracks each and every lap... may get drop gears at some point to re-gear the car on the fly for various tracks but until then am stuck with rev'ing the engine to 8k or losing lap time.
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I just purchased a 1981 308.

I just purchased a 1981 308.
Does the 30 k service on the 308 require engine out.
30K on a 308 can be done with

30K on a 308 can be done with engine in the car by removing the right rear inner fender.
Hello All,

This is GREAT in

Hello All,

This is GREAT info. It's time for my car's 30K, and I'm trying to do my homework before busting out my credit card. I had a local (non-dealership) shop quote me $7600 for the service + a possible $1600 for an updated throwout bearing. I'm in the Tampa Bay, FL area, and don't mind driving 150+ miles to get to a good shop. Any recommendations?


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What car do you have J Man?

What car do you have J Man?

I'll check in with the Florida Crew and see who is in you r area....

*getting map of FL from the glove box! LOL!*
Oops - Forgot that my tag line

Oops - Forgot that my tag line here doesn't have that info. It's a '93 348tb SS Challenge. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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