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After I complained to Ferrari

After I complained to Ferrari of Central Florida they finally gave me a recommendation for better shifting in my 575 M. They said to use the Agip SXA 75W-90. Lamborghini of Orlando, Ultimate, was kind enough to save me some time and gave me the number of the importer for Agip. I got a bunch of information.

The SXA is a non-slip version of gear oil. The Murcielago uses the LSX that has the anti-friction additive. Both are fully synthetic. This explains why people are satisfied with the Redline 75W-90 NS (non-slip) in their Ferraris.

Specs for both the SXA and LSX are as follows...
Viscosity - - 15.6 at 100 C, 117 at 40 C
Flash point - - 204 C
Pour point - - (- 40 C)
API GL-5, MT-1, PG-2

The importer is American Agip. 800-922-9243. Ask for Carl Sisler in technical. They have all the Agip products, motor oils et cetera. The LSX comes in a case of 12 1 liter jars for $80.36. The SXA only comes in a 5 gal. jug for $107.70.

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