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Hello,All. My name is Frank Wi

Hello,All. My name is Frank Wiedmann,and I live just outside of Chicago. I own a 1981 308GTSi.

I'd like to announce that the Ferrari Owners Club-Midwest Region,is back in action. We have JUST started up,so,things will be progressing. But,as we progress,we are DOING THINGS with our cars. Hope to have any and all who care to join us,and see what we are all about.

But,our common interest,our "Theme" is "WE DRIVE!!" Just like the F.O.C.'s Motto. Geez. We look at our cars all week long. Don't just want to do that on the weekends either,sitting at a car show all day long... Sure,they are nice. But,We only live once. We are fortunate to own a FERRARI. And,we want to DRIVE It! ENJOY It!

We are on the cover of the JUNE issue of "PILOTA",and have some words inside. I am the V.P.

We also have a Website: if you live anywhere in the Midwest Region,and want to join us for DRIVES,(We DRIVE!!!) Shows,Cruise Nights,etc...We are trying to do as much as possible during the,all too short driving season that we have here in the Midwest.

So,check us out. If you live anywhere near,please,join us for a drive or event. As time goes by,they will grow. Thanks!!!

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Great news Frank!!! We are get

Great news Frank!!! We are gettin up and running here in Texas also. It is good to hear that the FOC is back in the Midwest. If there is anything we can do to help you guys, let me know.



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Thank - you very Much,Jeremy!

Thank - you very Much,Jeremy! Yes,there was definitely a "Void" up here in Chicago that really needed to be filled.

The FCA has some nice events,but,all they seem to like to do is Park and Show...WE DRIVE!!!!!

I own a Ferrari to DRIVE and ENJOY!!! (You only live once. And,I can LOOK at my car all I want. But,I really want to DRIVE it! And,up here in the Midwest,our Driving days are numbered...

AND...I found a whole bunch of other guys who feel the exact same way....

I've been a member of the National F.O.C. for about as long as I've owned my 308.(over 3 years.) But,there wasn't a "Local" branch of the F.O.C. here in the Midwest anymore.... And,I'd get my Monthly "Pilota" and see all of these great drives out on the West Coast,and Down in the Southwest.(I frequent Phoenix,as I have alot of Family out there) And get all jealous....

So,I hooked up with a bunch of other great Ferrari owners around here,and we started doing some Drives and Events last year.

So,I tossed out the idea of rekindling the F.O.C. here in the Midwest,(Chicago Area) with these other guys,and got a really great response.

So,we are really just starting out. But,already have had some great drives and events.(See our site) Karting event,and a couple drives already this year.

We have alot of really great ideas,for the future,and alot of Connections to get started.(My Father-in-Law owns a Trophy Shop,so we got that covered.) And,I have several friends who own Restaraunts.

So,we will be growing as we go along. But,as the F.O.C.'s Motto says...."WE DRIVE!!!!!!!"

Thanks for your Reply,and offer of assistance! We will definitely be in Touch!! Thanks again!!!

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BTW...We are always looking fo

BTW...We are always looking for New Members. And,any one who is already a Member of the F.O.C.that lives in the area,please check out our Website. We'd love to have you join us in the Drives and Events that we are planning. Hey,if you are already a member,why not! ?

And,if you aren't,well,come see what we are all about,for your considerstion.

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We're planning on attendin

We're planning on attending the cruise night in Downer's Grove on Friday, August 27 as a FOC event.

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We are planning a "Route 6

We are planning a "Route 66 Drive" on Sunday September 26th.2004. We will be meeting Downtown Chicago at 10:00AM,along side of the Harold Washington Public Library. Then,at 10:30AM,we will "Roll Off" to the "Begin Route 66" Sign....Yes,Route 66 actually Starts (and Ends,on the "Return Trip")right in DownTown Chicago,on Michigan Av.,and Jackson Blvd.

Then,we will drive the Ghostly Remnants of what was,is,used to be Old Route 66. Out West,then out to Starved Rock.

Lots of Spirited Driving opportunities,and Photo Ops...

Check out our website at: for more info. Or you can E-Mail me at:[email protected]

Hope you'll join us!

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Frank, I'm sure we'll

Frank, I'm sure we'll have some "spirited driving" on those "ghostly remnants"...

However before the Rte 66 drive, FOC Midwest will be attending the Hooters Car Show and have its own Ferrari class:

So if you own a Ferrari please join us for this concours on Sunday.
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