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I’m selling my new Stainless Steel Top Speed Pro-1 Headers. They have been Jet-Hot Coated with their 2500 Ultra Top Coat. The headers are first coated with their chrome like finish, inside and out. Then is lightly sanded to except the top coat. Repeat, they are coated inside and out. Basically 4 layers of Jet-Hot. This prevents much of the heat from the engines exhaust from transferring heat to the engine compartment. When I spoke with them inquiring about different processes, the stated this is the best and lowers the emissivity. They stated 85% reduction in heat transfer or emissivity. The Top Coat color is Titanium.

They are fitted for air injection.

The reason for my sale is I am selling my 360 Spider.

I have not tried installing them. The flanges are flat and Dimensions between the ports and stud holes and spacing are consistent. The tube bends and welded sections seem graceful when it comes to smooth flow.

I measured the interface flange that mates to the cylinder on each header and the center two flanges have a very small gap between my straightedge which is easily closed when tightening the nuts. There is enough flexibility to easily draw it closed.

For reference, a sheet of 20# paper is .005. The gaps are:
Lt .020 and .016
Rt .008 and .010

The other brands are way overpriced. To high on the Ferrari-Tax.

Spoke with a gentleman who had a bad experience with Fab-Speed. His Ferrari Technician would not finish the installation with the Fab-Speed because of the gap on his headers. The Tech was in fear of pulling the studs out of the heads. The very last image is the one discussed with the gentleman I spoke with on his attempted Fab Speed Headers

The headers cost me $1,300 and the Jet-Hot coating cost $700.

Asking $1,500

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