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Good websites for Ferrari hunting

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Anyone know of any good websit

Anyone know of any good websites where one can find Ferraris for sale?

I know of Hemmings and Aside from those and the occasional eBay listings I'm in the dark.

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some other sources in


some other sources include:

New York Times
LA Times
Wall Street Journal

Collector Car Trader (version of auto trader)

Ferrari Club of America (classifieds)

Ferrari Market Letter
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I've been looking for a &#

I've been looking for a '77 GTB for 6-months at all those sites and not found one to my liking yet. Most either have "issues" that I'm not willing to take on, or are cherry and the miles so low that it's out of my price range (like the '77 JRV has for sale).

I have found one that looked promising 3-weeks ago, but the guy is trying to find a 348 and I've not heard from him at all so either he's going to keep it, or sell it to someone else. Sucks b/c he's done some nice cosemetic stuff to it (body color euro bumpers, 16" speedlines that look FANTASTIC, new leather on the inside) and all the service is documented. Will need a belt service in the next 12-months but I've already factored that into the price.

I guess I just need to be more patient.
Looks like you need to sign up

Looks like you need to sign up for the FML to see the classifieds. I would think this would be free to help the people who are listing their cars there.

I thought about siging up for

I thought about siging up for FML (it's $40 for F-Chat'rs) but when I saw a recent copy, it was mostly ads of cars that are already advertised on the web sites above, or in the Ferrariclub newsletter already. I just didn't see the value in it. I think most owners are going to advertise in many places.
How could you not list [url="h

How could you not list Not the best, but still over 200 Ferrari ads.
I agree. [url="http://www.ferr

I agree. is a great resource.
>>>I agree. [url="

>>>I agree. is a great resource<<

I have 2 adds on there both outstanding cars and not even a single tirekicker.

What's up with that?

I may be in Houston at


I may be in Houston at the end of the month.

I'll come by and kick the tires! ;)

That '77 GTB is exactly what I'm looking for, except the miles are too low and it puts the price over my limit.
I was using a nationwide broke

I was using a nationwide broker to look for mine and was offered many "deals". Many misgivings about some of the offerings that seemed too good to be true. They were.
I found mine in the classified ads of the Seattle Times of all places! The car had been a Seattle car through the last two owners so it was relatively easy to get some history on the car and also what kind of conditions it was kept previously. I still see a 308 or GT4 in the paper once in a while.
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