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Great Service

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Hi Everyone,

Debated wher

Hi Everyone,

Debated where to take the 1985 Euro 308GTS QV to have her major 60k service in the New England area. Discretely asked a few folks around here and other boards. In the end chose KTR European and also asked for a few other bits to be looked after above and beyond the normal 60k.

To make a long story short, they did a GREAT job. They took the time to carefully discussed things before, during, and after the service. She is finally back home and i can see, hear, and feel the improvement. This car was in very good shape before the service (it was the fourth car PPI'ed).

Just felt i'd spread the good word to the New England folks. Am not a man who is easily impressed, and KTR European did VERY impressive work.

Enjoy the Drive,

Steven R. Rochlin
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