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Can someone help me find a Tes

Can someone help me find a Testarossa between $50,000-$55,000 low miles. In good condition. I am having a hard time finding the car of my dreams. Thanks

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IMHO the difference between a

IMHO the difference between a Testarossa in good condition and great condition is a big fist full of yen.
There are plenty of cars out there in that price range,
but the Testarossa is a very expensive car to maintain.
So a bunch have been trashed and are in need of major servicing.
If you are mechanically inclined, have a lift, and a good supply of green, you should be OK.
If on the other hand, you will rely on a mechanic to perform the services needed to a Testarossa, You should have an additional $20k put aside over the purchase price to deal with a Testarossa in good condition.

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As noted, there is a very well

As noted, there is a very well maintained example for sale on this site, check the ads.

A long time owner who has alsways spent what was required, on a beautiful yellow/black example!

It is priced above the average ask price, with good reason!! HTH!

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Why must these cars be "ve

Why must these cars be "very expensive" to maintain?

I must be lucky!!!!! I have had my TR now for 7 years, put 30K miles on it, and only spent about $2K in repairs. The major is being done, by me, which will cost about $550 in parts.

Pulling the engine out is no big deal, provided one has a lift. I really like the idea that one can pull it ALL out, in it's need to remove exhausts, axles, etc. All cars should be this easy.

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I have to agree with

I have to agree with TR was a basket case, needing many repairs. But doing the work myself has kept expenses down. Some of the major things I've had to do are:
1. Refinish wheels
2. Restore rear under-bumper panel (new center section)
3. Refinish rear bumper
4. New door weather strips
5. Major service on engine.
6. Fuel Tank removal and repair.
7. New fuel injectors
8. Find/buy took kit, jack kit, and owner's books.
9. Find/buy proper spare tire/wheel.
10. New vacuum pump.
11. All fluid changes
12. Various belts, hoses, misc. hardware.

And a ton of other little stuff I won't mention. But I added up the receipts for everything so far and it is just less than $4,000. And I mean there are tons of things I can't recall at the moment. So if your mechanically inclined the costs of maintaining a TR aren't that bad. After doing all this work on mine, I'm no longer intimidated by these cars. I'll know exactly what to look for on my next Ferrari....and it's gonna be another TR for sure! That's as good an endorsement as I can give for the good ol'e Testarossa.

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I think the key with the TR&#3

I think the key with the TR's and even the 348's at this point is, you have to be willing and able to swing a wrench. With hourly rates at $80 to $100 you can be into 10-25% of the value of one of these cars very quickly.

Roger, I have Red/Tan TR available in your price range. You can e-mail me at:[email protected]


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Chuck do you have a website i

Chuck do you have a website i can go to to see the car? If you do please post it. Thanks

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Page three,
a single lug 88 w

Page three,
a single lug 88 with 26k.
service done @ 17k. although it don't say how many years ago the service was done.

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Check out: [url="http://www.fe

Check out: They have cars For Sale.

Also,you can check with Mr.Hooper He gets in cars that have some light to moderate Body Damage,(Sweat Equity) Or that need some TLC. I've mostly seen 308/328's on his site. But,maybe he can find something for you in a Testarossa.

Like the other guys said. Beware of looking for cars that are "In Need" of Mechanical work. Instead,look for someting with good mechanicals,but maybe just needs a little Body work,Paint,etc...Good Luck!

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Looking for a USED Jack Kit fo

Looking for a USED Jack Kit for a 1990 TR. Mine was stolen out of my car. I have found a used tool kit but am in need of the jack set. Email with details and asking price.

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Looking for the complete set o

Looking for the complete set of manuals when these car where delivered to the owners IN 1991 on a TESTAROSSA ? any one able to direct me ?

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Are you guys trying to scare m

Are you guys trying to scare me ,I have just bought a Testarossa and was under the impression that the prices have gone down on parts.Cant we locate where these parts actually came from ?

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Contact Steve Ahlgrim at T Rut

Contact Steve Ahlgrim at T Rutlands ,he is a great guy nd should be able to help in regard to your jack
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