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While away on a trip here rece

While away on a trip here recently I started thinking about getting back on the track this summer and how there are each year more and more people attending track days and driver education events. I was thinking back to the first track day I did a long time ago and was trying to remember what did I want most. Answer was a fairly comprehensive guide of the track I was going to drive...this same thing holds true today when I go to a new track.

So started looking around the web and found that the world was desperately short on a single good resource out there that gave people the information about various tracks such as turn by turn references, videos, or heck even contact and geographic location. So being that I work every day with the web I decided to start to throw something together.

Over the weekend here I hammered the infrastructure behind a wiki (online community editable encyclopedia) that has a goal of being the best reference for track information around that world. The webpage is (its still in beta phase so there is a placeholder page that forwards you to the wiki at the moment) please go out and take a look.

Since I know a heck of a lot of the folks on here track their car regularly I figued this was a good place to test pilot my page and see what you all think as well as possibly get some folks on here contributing their wealth of knowledge on the tracks they have driven. I figure if I can start getting the folks on here contributing and then slowly expand out to other car clubs we should be able to create one hell of an online reference for everyone from the first time tracker to the seasoned racer.

Anyway if you all would please check out the site and let me know what you think. Feel free to add or modify what you want on the page (as thats the point of a wiki) and I will do my best here over the next few months while not working at my regular job to incorperate your comments to make the page better either with layout, information or other things. As I said if you want to help contribute as well by all means just go ahead I grant you free reign on the site.

Ferrarichat being my daily source of entertainment if of course the only forum listed in the wiki at the moment. Hopefully Rob doesn't mind the extra traffic I drive to him.

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