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High temperature hot oil pump

The high temperature heat pump adopts self heat dissipation structure, which changes the traditional water cooling structure. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, low operating cost, good performance and reliable operation. It is the second generation product developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign oil pumps. The basic structure is single-stage single suction cantilever foot support structure. The inlet of the pump is axial suction and the outlet is vertical upward, It is installed on the base together with the motor.

The support of high temperature hot oil pump adopts the structure of double end ball bearing support. The front end is lubricated by lubricating oil, and the back end is lubricated by grease. There is a guide pipe in the middle to observe the sealing condition and recover the heat transfer oil at any time.

High temperature hot oil pump is composed of pump body, pump cover, internal and external rotors, pump shaft, shaft end combined seal and other parts. The main drive is composed of a set of meshing rotors. The shaft end seal adopts high temperature reflux combined seal, and adopts water tank cooling mode to control the temperature of shaft seal. High temperature gear pump is a positive displacement pump, which transfers melt by changing working volume caused by meshing of driving and driven gears. The working volume is composed of pump body, gear slot and bearing with side plate function. Pump and motor use three claw elastic coupling to form oil pump unit.
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