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i blame my father for my bug b

i blame my father for my bug but then most little boys always dream of owning a ferrari. I have been lucky enough to have a father who has owned a number of convertible ferrari's.

So far i have driven the 308 328 348 testarossa f40 355 360 430 and now he has the enzo (yet to drive that monster but doubt he will let me)

i am now in the position where i can finally realise my own dream and own my own ferrari and am curious what you would advise doing.

Having driven all the modern cars my favourite is the 430 for ease of drive and handling but the 355 looks and sounds much sexier to me.The 360 is good but sounds just that little bit tinny compared to the 355 and 430.

Im outpriced on a 430 i cant quite justify that at the moment so realistically i am looking at a 360 or 355. i love the 355 however having driven all these cars when it comes to technical info service costs etc i have absolutely no idea.

My brother has the 360 and is always trying to put me off buying a ferrari due to the service costs and maintenance and keeps telling me to get a porsche.

Whilst i like porsches there would be a huge whole in my heart and a feeling of settling for 2nd best each time i drive it.

So can anyone tell me realistic costs for a 355 and a 360 over a 1-3 year period.

Im probably only looking at keeping the car for one year and then hopefully upgrading to a 430 next year but you never know so need to be realistic.

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.



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I'd go the 360, as the 355

I'd go the 360, as the 355 has developed some familiar fialure patterns in the engine, if it were me....

To the untrained eye the 360 and 430 are pretty similar! I call this the 'girl on the curb factor'....;)

The 430 motor IS better as you know, but the market is glutted with 360s right now in the Buyer's favor...check out the Ferrari Market Letter...Ipicked up a recent issue if you want me to mail it....

Having 3 308GTBs I think I'm not shopping, this month anyway!

Good Luck!
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