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How do I install new TR injectors

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Would anyone care to share som

Would anyone care to share some experience with me on how to re-install the bushings and injectors into the intake tubes? I've also heard to use fuel as the lubricant to install the o-rings onto the injectors, is this correct? Do the bushings insert into the tubes dry without any sealer or lube? Any help is appreciated.
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I would oil ALL the O-rings.

I would oil ALL the O-rings. Putting them in dry is a no-no....they may tear. I would not use any sealer.

I have seen others do it this way, on other cars.
Thanks Henry, that's what

Thanks Henry, that's what I was going to do until I was swayed by other opinions. I'll use oil as you suggest.
Jeff: Today I removed the eng

Jeff: Today I removed the engine block from the trans. Then I removed the trans from the frame. I will clean the frame and spot paint as needed. One of the CV joints is bad!!!!!

The front cover is off......will work on it this week. I am waiting for an order of Heli-coils, and a metric tap and die set.

Are you all done with the engine?
No...but getting farther along

No...but getting farther along. Every part I re-assemble or bolt up must be detailed first. Under normal circumstances I could have the car going in a few days. But making everything like new is taking lots of time. I've got to review some pics to see the routing of the wire harness as it goes under the air meters and fuel distributors. I'll look back at the pics you took of your engine also. I want the wires to be nice and neat, and may use more securing looms than the factory did to get it just so. Gonna order lots of new nuts, bolts, and washers tomorrow from McMaster-Carr. I made out a list tonight of what I need and how many, I will get extra of course. And I need to make a trip up to Kalamazoo to a Merc or BMW dealer and get some lengths of that funky cloth braided hose. I will start assembling the intake tubes to the heads and also the 2 water necks and pipes. Just taking my time and not going on to the next step until satisfied. I'm starting to get excited that it's looking like an engine again. A couple of neighbor boys stopped by this afternoon in a modded Eagle Talon - with a very large turbo/intercooler and etc. They have stopped by before and are just amazed by the TR. So I tell them all I can about it and what I'm doing, they just soaked it up. It's nice to share this with others who truly enjoy it, and understand, especially youngsters. As they left I was treated to see a nasty all wheel drive burnout! Brandon says his car peaks at 28lbs boost and makes nearly 600 hp! It sure sounds mean. Speaking of sounds, I'm already mentally figuring out the straight pipe exhaust system. If there aren't any unforseen hick-ups I may drive my car before the snow flies! That would be nice!
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