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How to check if a Wheel Bearing is in need of replacement

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What is the best way to test w

What is the best way to test wheel bearings? I have read about changing them but not sure how to diagnose them. Any info would be appreciated.
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Front bearings, remove, clean

Front bearings, remove, clean and check for any pitting or discoloration of the rollers and race, all should be an even surface and shiney. Rear bearings are sealed and should be replaced, according to the book at 50000 mi or so.
Ok, thanks for the info. Is t

Ok, thanks for the info. Is there a way to check them without removing? Will they make a noise when they are in need of replacement or a thumping noise? Thanks Again.
If you think you have one goin

If you think you have one going out, check for excessive freeplay by pulling and pushing on the top of tire and then the sides. If any movement is noted, jack car up and do the same thing with the tire off the ground, spin the tire listening for noise. Good time also to check all suspension and steering parts. Runout/ freeplay on 308 front bearings is .0015 to .002.
wheel bearings can also be che

wheel bearings can also be checked for condition with a Mechanics Stethescope.

Good bearings make a medium whirring noise, bad bearings make a loud whirring noise sometimes accompanied by crunching/cracking sounds.

Regards, JRV
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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