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When the "check engine&#34

When the "check engine" light comes on it means that some error has gone on with the opperation of the engine that the Engine Control Unit (ECU) has recognised. The ECU will then store the code/s in it's memory. Here are the steps for pulling the error codes from the 348 ecu's.

1) Remove the covers behind the seats so that you have access to the ecu's.

2) Place the key in the ignition and turn it to the (on) position, but do not start the car. You will see the lights on the instrument panel illuminated.

3) Push and hold down the button, located next to the ecu, for 5 seconds, then release it. When you are holding down the button, you now should see the check engine light illuminate for the ecu you are on. (check engine 1/4 or 5/8)

4) When you let go of the button you will see a pause then a long flash for 2 and 1/2 seconds, pause with no flash for 2 and 1/2 seconds, then begin the flashes of the engine codes. The long flash indicates the begining and end of the code. Then it repeats the same code, until you move on to the next code.

5) Each number of the code is flashed for 1/2 second followed buy a pause then the next number in the codes is flashed. For example you will get the long flash indicating that the code will start, a pause, three flashes, pause, two flashes, pause, one flash, pause, four flashes, pause, a long flash indicating the code is finished. If this were the series of short flashes you got, the code would be 3214.

6) After you pull a code you will notice that it just keeps repeating. To get to the next code what you want to do is wait until the long flash comes on after the code. When the long flash comes on you want to hold down the button for the whole flash and let go of it in the middle of the pause. You should then see the check engine light give you another long flash to indicate the begining of the next code.

7) When the last codes has been pulled, you will get nothing but long flashes telling you that there are no more stored codes.

8) Now that all the codes have been pulled you will want to clear the ecu of the stored codes. When the ecu's is giving nothing but long flashes, you need to push and hold down the button for 10 seconds to clear out the old codes.

9) If needed, repeat the process for the other ecu.

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is-it the same for a mondial T

is-it the same for a mondial T cab of 1991? thanks. F. LACAVA

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I would like to make an amendm

I would like to make an amendment to the proceedures for pulling the codes. For those of you that have already pulled the codes from your car, you have noticed that the "TDC sensor"/crank possition sensor error code comes up. When you pull the code/s as I have instructed in step #2 you will always get this code, even if there is nothing wrong with the TDC sensor. The reason is because the sensor gets it's reading from magnetic signals coming off of the crank pully as the engine is turning over. When the engine is not turning over the sensor/s are not getting the signals from the pully, and thus the ecu thinks that there is something wrong with the sensor/s. So that is why you will always get the TDC sensor code when you pull the engine codes with the engine off. To avoid getting this false signal do the following for step #2:

#2a) Make sure that the transmission is not in gear. Now start the engine, and let the car idle. Wait for all the engine lights to turn off, then follow the rest of the proceedure for pulling the codes.
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