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How to remove TR trunk lid grill

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Since Henry answered my questi

Since Henry answered my question about trunk lid struts, I thought I'd pose another question. The little grill in the trunk lid back towards the windshield does not look to good. It has wax residue and dirt in it, and I would very much like to remove it for a good cleaning. Looking at it, I don't see any screws or anything securing it. Is this removable?
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If you're talking about th

If you're talking about the narrow grill behind the rear glass, yes it comes off. I did this years ago, and don't remember exactly how, but I recall there being a couple of small nuts on the underside that must be removed. Feel around the underside and you should find them.
Jeff: There are 4 nuts, with

Jeff: There are 4 nuts, with washers there, evenly spaced. When these are removed, gently pry up from the back. It seems that there is a "sticky" black caulk holding the front edge onto the car.

I would think that you would have removed this prior to removing the engine. I did so on mine, and it made it a lot easier getting at the front hose clamps, etc., in preparation of removing my engine.
Thanks for the advice....but y

Thanks for the advice....but you guys are at the wrong end of the car. I would like to remove the front bonnet (trunk) grill near the base of the windshield.
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