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Another day passes in Barcelon

Another day passes in Barcelona and another look at the time sheets show Ferrari finished 8th and 12th. Not all bad news, they were quicker than yesterday's time set by Michael.

However there seems to be alot of concerned people at Bridgestone especially as today Giancarlo Fisichella was over 1.5secs quicker than Rubens. His best time was set on the 19th lap out of a 20 lap stint which suggests the Michelins are running quite consistantly.

Michael climbed into the cockpit of the F2004 M at 12:38 and ran a complete race distance which didn't finish till 14:27. Each lap within 0.5sec of each other. On the 66th lap of his stint Michael set his fastest time of the day.

Rubens Barrichello on the other hand still said there was alot of work to be done: “We've still got lots of tyre work to do, and although at the moment Renault and McLaren look very strong it is too early to say. We do not have the final specifications [of both tyres and car] so we can not judge where we are, but I can say we've got a lot of work to do.”
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