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I guess taking your frustratio

I guess taking your frustration out on course workers doesn't count.
What a bonehead reporter.

Why Raikkonen is F1's own 'Iceman' June 11 04:48
A few weeks ago, when Formula One racing went to Monte-Carlo, television spectators were privy to a rare insight into Michael Schumacher's bad temper.

Crashed out after a tunnel shunt, the German threw his helmet into a wall.

So can we assume the same sort of thing has been happening two garages down? ''I just don't think it helps,'; said Kimi Raikkonen, runner-up to Schu last season but now ailing in the mid-field with the worst McLaren in his lifetime.

''Why would I shout and throw my helmet and kick my equipment? ''What does it change? People are just different - this is my way.''

It's not surprising that the Finn, who earned the reputation after falling asleep 15-minutes before his first-ever GP in Melbourne ('01), is F1's 'Iceman.'


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