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Lamborghini of Dallas on board 4 Running of the Bulls

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G's Official !!! W's Official !!! WhooHooo!!!

Lamborghini of Dallas is on board as a Major Sponsor of The Texas Running of the Bulls 03.

The best news is they will be bringing a Murcielago and a Demo Gallardo to wow the guests and allow a few drives for those that are interested in the new Lamborghini product offerings. The presence of the Gallardo is especially exciting news as they have not officially hit ground in the US yet and aren't planned to arrive in force until Oct. 1st. This means our event participants and guests will be treated to one of the first public showings of the Gallardo in the US and The First in this section of the United States.

I wish to publically thank "Lamborghini of Dallas" for their participation and enthusiasum in supporting the Texas Exotic Car Enthusiast community. It is very rare in Texas when an Italian Car Dealership will come out of their protective shell and support pure enthusiast events, and Lamborghini of Dallas deserves applaud for showing their support of the exotic car community.

BRAVO !!!!!

and thank you Lamborghini of Dallas for supporting the Texas Exotic Car enthusiast community !!!

If you haven't signed up for the Texas Running of the Bulls yet and think you might want to attend there is still time to get your entry form in.

Hope to see you all there!! {
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